Doing things a little different this summer

This is going to be a little different travel year for us, but it should be a great one!

Those of you that know us or have followed the blog know that for the first couple years we really made very few plans in advance and usually didn’t really know where we were going to be next until only a few day in advance. But this summer we are going at it a little differently. Yep, we almost have a “plan” in place after we leave Oregon, what up with that!!??

Because we want to hit a number of national parks this summer we have decided to “somewhat” plan our travels. We are not talking about having every stop reserved before we even get going but we have been researching and using Travers Point to set a route that should take us through at least 8 National Parks, a number of National Forests and a few National Monuments along the way. And because in the past our lack of planning has cought us by surprise on holidays we have already made reservations for our first 2 stops when we leave the area AND have reservations in place for a week at a nice spot overlooking Flathead Lake in Montana over the 4th of July (There is supposed to be a top notch fireworks display over the lake and our campsite has a view of the lake) . AND we have a spot reserved in Moab Utah for 2 weeks in September already.

We might even make reservations at a couple more spots that we might consider “hot tourist spot’s” so we won’t have to worry about it later but we plan to leave gaps between the reservations so we have options to vary in our plans and not feel like we are on a tight schedule. We will see how this all feels making plans like this. We have tried the foot loose and fancy free approach for a couple years and know we pretty much like that but unless we try other ways we will never know if we might like another approach even better. But one thing is for certain, it should be a great summer of traveling and seeing some great sites, hiking some great trails, doing some fun off-roading and visiting with friends along the way. And we are looking forward to sharing the adventures.

One thing I noticed is the cost of some of the campgrounds we have checked out around the National Parks. As you might guess the costs are a lot higher than we are used to as we travel. So that just tells us that we might do a little more boon-docking at the end of the year to average out the costs. Like we have said before while talking about budgets, it’s the year end number we look at the most. But I’m thinking this might be our first year of going over on our campground budget. But that’s ok because we have a bunch of friends that will be boon-docking down south that we can spend time with.

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7 Responses to Doing things a little different this summer

  1. Joy and Tom Travis says:

    I am so happy to hear of your travel plans. A dream of ours that has never materialized with all our Tiffin problems. When in Utah I would so much like to hear what you think of the best known animal sanctuary Best Friends in Kanab, Utah. “Save them All” — Best 5001 Angel Canyon Road in Kanab. I know we will never make it. Best Friends is the “world’s best loved animal sanctuary”. They have tours call them at (435) 644-2001. Enjoy your travels and we will be waiting to hear. I hope you can put this stop in your plans.

  2. Nothing would be more fun than just moving when and where your heart desires. However, since we are restricted to the east coast right now, that is not something we can do. There are so many full-timers, snow-birds and seasonal rvers that you can be left high and dry without reservations.

    Safe Travels and enjoy your summer!!!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      I’m thinking we will be a little more restricted to the west coast pretty soon. In fact we plan to hit Oregon every year for a while now. The rest of the east coast is going to have to wait. But it will be there when we are ready.

  3. Ruth says:

    Love to hear that you are making plans!!! LOL, that is coming from the person who rarely moves without plans since we’re not retired and still working. Hope we can catch up with you somewhere along the way, if not, we’ll see you next winter in AZ!!

  4. Beth Richardson says:

    We have run into trouble finding a place for the 4th of July before so I always try to have reservations for holidays!

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