Travel day to Portland

First off I don’t have any exciting picture’s to share of my travel day,, ho-hum, so we will just share a couple pictures from Diane’s trip. We will mix them in to help make it interesting while reading the travel adventure. I wish she would do an update and tell about her trip but that’s not going to happen so the pictures will have to do.

A Blue Tarantula

A Blue Tarantula

5/3/15 was a travel day. It’s not very often, in fact I can’t think of a time in the last 3 years that I traveled along in the RV. Heck, I had to stop and think about where Diane stored a couple things during travel because she normally take care of most of the inside stuff and I always do the outside. But I managed.

I was all hooked up and rolling at 9:30. I was only on the freeway for roughly 5 miles and I noticed a PT Cruiser hugging the fog line and many times crossing over it and the bump strips. It was right behind a semi so I thought maybe the truck had an issue and the PT Cruiser was trying to get its attention at first. After I while I figured it was the PT Cruiser having the trouble once it almost hit a guardrail.

IMG_7076 IMG_7075

I thought maybe it would take the next off ramp so I figured I would just hang back, I would rather have it in front of me where I could keep track of it rather than try to pass it and have it on my rear. But the exit came and went and the PT Cruiser was still on the freeway, so I just continued hanging back.

Then we hit the hills and things got more interesting, it was still crossing over the fog line and bump strips and driving erratically. A 3rd lane came along and the semi pulled into the far right slow lane and so did the PT Cruiser, but then the Cruiser passed the semi on the right, yep not even in a lane!! I was about to grab the phone at that time and call it in but I needed to pay attention as I started pulling the hill and passing trucks while being passed on the left by cars.

St. Lucia. They say cars need new brake pads every 2 months because everything is on hills.

St. Lucia. They say cars need new brake pads every 2 months because everything is on hills.


Once I crested the hill I found myself coming up on the PT Cruiser and noticed some funny movement which I thought might be a loose wheel but about the same time I saw what I first thought was a shadow crossing the 2 left lanes but it turned out to be the rubber from one of his tires rolling across the freeway, and he kept going!! Good thing there was no traffic by this jerk. At that point I grabbed the phone but by the time I started to dial he finally pulled off to the shoulder. I could see he was on his rim on the right front. At that point I figured he was done so I let it be. That was all very interesting for about 15 or 20 miles.


Things were pretty mellow after the PT Cruiser was out of the picture. I set the cruise at 65 and was just rolling along until I got just north of Wilsonville and then all of a sudden brake lights were coming on, tires where screeching, smoke was coming up from times and everyone was slowing down pretty darn fast. I looked out my side window during part of this and watched the car next to me skidding a tad bit sideways with the tires locked up and smoke just rolling LOL! I think that person was caught a little extra by surprise from the look on her face, what I had a chance to see anyway.

IMG_7105 IMG_7134

So all of a sudden my nice 65 mph cruise slowed to 30mph and I had about 15 miles until my exit when I figured the slow down would really happen so I figured I was in for a nice slow drive for a while. I never did see anything that would have caused such a drastic slow down and within 3 or 4 miles we were back up to speed and I was able to roll along pretty good the rest of the way to I-205 and on to my exit onto I-84 and to my exit to the RV Park.

An outdoor market at St Maarten

An outdoor market at St Maarten


Once all set up and all the bugs cleaned off the windshield I spent the evening shooting the bull with our new neighbors and strolling around the park. AND MY SWEETIE MADE IT HOME from her travels!! It’s great to have her home and it sounds like she had a great time. But it’s time to get back to reality, she was asking me what was for breakfast and made mention that she had grown accustom to being waited on hand and foot on her cruise LOL!!! I DID poor her a cup of coffee so she didn’t have to abruptly face harsh reality.

Getting ready for a dive at St. Maarten

Getting ready for a dive at St. Maarten


We will be spending the next 2 weeks here in Portland visiting family and friends. I’m sure Diane will be spending 90% of her time at her mom’s.

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  1. Whoa! That blue tarantula can’t be real, can it?? I can’t seem to stop staring at it. Sheesh, sounds like you had one heck of an interesting drive. I’m pretty sure I would have been yelling at the PT Cruiser.

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