So long for now Grants Pass

It’s time to wrap up round one of our 2015 visit to Grants Pass and move a couple hundred miles north for a visit with family & friends in that area for a couple weeks.

The month in Grants Pass went by pretty quickly and other than Diane’s bout with a chest cold and Laryngitis which hampered some of our visiting we had a good time. Between her being sick for almost 2 weeks and being gone on her dive trip the last week the month was gone by faster than kids running down the stairs on Christmas morning.

We really enjoyed what little time we were able to spend with Jack. And seeing just how little impact our presence seemed to have on him reinforced that he is really enjoying his new life, like we had any doubts to begin with LOL!!

Jack likes his bed up on the window bench.

Jack likes his bed up on the window bench.

And a special thanks go out to Kathy and Lar for putting on a great feed followed by an evening of fun with them and our friends Debbie & Noel around a rip roaring game of Mexican Train. We had a great evening and look forward to the next time, even though Diane and I came in last and next to last LOL!!

And of course we need to give a thanks to Sue & Jim for the little treat they gave us after an enjoyable breakfast at the Train Depot. Rest assured it will be enjoyed during evening Happy Hours. And we hope to get a peek of the new RV when we get back into town next. And are looking forward to the time you can spend a little time on the road with us.

I’ll be lifting jacks on Sunday the 3rd and making my way to our next stop. And Diane flies back in late the night of the 3rd so I guess I better leave a light on in the window because neither of us know just what site we will be in and for those of you that know Diane knows she probably won’t answer her cell phone so I can tell her the site number LOL!! She’s on her own.

We will be back in the Grants Pass area in a couple weeks to put Diane’s car back in storage and so Diane can get in for her yearly blood tests. This will be her 4th year of being in remission if the tests come back clean so keep your fingers crossed.

And I have a dentist appointment, actually a couple of them scheduled at this point but am thinking about canceling them until our next visit because is nothing that can’t wait.

Farewell for now Grants Pass, we hope to see everyone we missed seeing when we return in a couple weeks.

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4 Responses to So long for now Grants Pass

  1. mikefischer99 says:

    Hope Diane’s feeling better now! We’re still likely arriving in Grants Pass on the the 22nd, so might be a little tight depending on your schedule. Will let you know once we finalize things (still waiting to hear back from Henderson’s Line Up on our appointment). We’re headed to Crater Lake (can’t wait!) and Ashland and then back to 101 to continue our journey up the coast.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      It sounds like our paths will cross, looking forward to it. And I’m sure you will enjoy Crater Lake, a very neat place. See ya soon and travel safe.

  2. Joy and Tom Travis says:

    Thank you for the photo of Jack. I really fell in love with him when we met you guys at LD Campground in Tampa. Such a sweetie! I hope both you and Diane remember us as we were all lengthly visitors to LD. Our adventure began May 2013 purchasing our first Tiffin from LD it is now May 2015. Two horrible disgusting years have passed and our now 2nd purchase of the 2014 Tiffin Allegro Bus 37AP is even worse. Two years have passed and our dreams of travel are gone. Our Tiffin should be junked and Mr. Tiffin himself will admit it should have never left the factory. We have no hope there will ever be an end to our misery. We spent more than 3 months in Red Bay and now we are back to LD. Every minute of our hopeful dreams has been spent just hoping for a resolution. Something very bad happened to the motor home we bought in the manufacturing process. The famous Bob Tiffin will tell you to your face they don’t buy them back and they will not replace it. Let your followers know: Buyer Beware.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Of course we remember you guys. There were about 4 of us hanging around Lazy Days on extended stays during our time there. You guys and the Chief were the only ones that had been there longer than us LOL,, not funny I know. I guess we can chuckle at it now because it has become water under our bridge but it sounds like you have not been so lucky yet. We hope things work out soon and you can still achieve the dream. I’m sure you will enjoy it when the time does come. Hang in there!!

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