Enjoying our time in Grants Pass

We have been making pretty good use of our time here in Grants Pass so far. Wednesday afternoon we were able to get together with a few friends at a new brewery that opened up in town just a few weeks ago call Climate City Brewing Company.

Diane, Rich Kathy & Larry

Diane, Rich Kathy & Larry

Larry, Kathy and Rich met with us and we had a great visit that lasted close to 2 ½ hours I guess.


Then after we all headed out on our merry ways we figured it would be a good day to drive out to Rich & Chris’s place for a visit and see Jack. The sun was out and it was a dry day so we were able to get some good play time in. We can tell that Jack is a very happy boy in his new home.

Jack saying "give me that toy!!!" to his brother from another mother Felix

Jack saying “give me that toy!!!” to his brother from another mother Felix

And have a nice visit with Rich & Chris, sorry no pictures of Rich & Chris, just Jack and Felix LOL!!!

Chris had to work all day so after a short visit Diane and I figured we had better get out of their hair so they could have dinner & Chris could relax for a while. They made mention of going into town to have dinner at Sheri’s because it was free pie night with every meal. Diane and I decided at first to not join them after a late and good sized lunch. But as soon as we walked in the door at home we texted them to see if they still planned on going to Sheri’s. LOL, we just couldn’t get over the free pie idea I guess PLUS the opportunity to spend some more time with friends.

Thursday Diane wanted to spend some time poking around downtown Grants Pass but I opted to stick around home and work on my project of building a storage case for the wings of my plane. And it’s pretty much completed


A little pipe wrap on the side and it will be all good

A little pipe wrap on the side and it will be all good

I also realized that the same design would work perfectly for storing our wheel covers AND our Magna-Shade windshield cover while they are not in use so they won’t get creases caused by anything that might happen to lay on them. Dang, another project LOL!!

This would work for our windshield cover as well

This would work for our windshield cover as well

And I made another trip to the hardware store to pick up pieces to start the next project of a storage case for the fuselage.

Let the next project begin!!

Let the next project begin!!

Of course almost because I ran a building supply store in town for the last 15 years of my working career every time I end up in a hardware store here in town I run into someone I know which turns into a shoot the bull session LOL!!

And every time we roll into Grants Pass we (I) get the urge to purge stuff from the RV that we have found we just don’t need or use. It’s amazing that after almost 3 years on the road we STILL have things that we just don’t need.

We managed to fill 2, count them 2- 3ft long x 1 1/2ft deep x 16” tall Rubbermaid totes along with a few other misc. items that wouldn’t fit into them with stuff to get rid of LOL!!! And I KNOW there is more that could still go. Isn’t that crazy?

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2 Responses to Enjoying our time in Grants Pass

  1. Nice protective cases for the plane parts!!! As for purging stuff…it is a never ending process!!! Almost every 6 months we go through all cabinets, inside and out, and ALWAYS find stuff we don’t need anymore. Since space is a premium, we don’t have a problem letting it go. In a sticks and brick…you have so much room, you never even bothered to clean out cabinets;o((

  2. lar says:

    You are going to be a hit at the RC field, when the old guys see your ingenuity for cases to protect your plane. Of course many of them don’t have to travel as much with their planes as you do. Pretty smart guy!!!!

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