Moving towards Oregon

On Tuesday 3/31 we lifted our jacks and pulled out of Lake Havasu Arizona around 8:30 and drove roughly 220 miles to Pahrump Nevada. The drive was pretty un-eventful and we rolled into our campground early afternoon.


This made for our 3rd stopover in Pahrump in the last 3 years so we didn’t really have any major plans other than killing 2 days and meeting up with our friend Gina.


We met Gina at a RV-Dreams Rally in 2012 right before we went fulltime and have bumped into her about 4 times now since we hit the road across the country, once all the way over in Florida. Once again I say, it’s a small world!!

Gina & Diane. They BOTH hate it when I take pictures LOL!!! But that's what I do,, sorry Gina.

Gina & Diane. They BOTH hate it when I take pictures LOL!!! But that’s what I do,, sorry Gina.

It was great seeing Gina again and I know we will bump into her again down the road.

It was also our second time camping at the Lakeside Casino and RV Park. From what I understand the casino and RV Park have changed hands since our fist stay and its obvious the place has gone downhill. It’s unfortunate because the place really was a green oasis when we first visited but I think this will be our last stay. I think part of it is the ratio of permanent residents has grown greatly and I might be wrong but it’s our opinion that when that happens the park normally degrades. Again, that’s just our opinion.


We only spent 2 nights in Pahrump and on Thursday, April 2nd we said our so-longs and hit the road for a 20 mile travel day to Hawthorne Nevada. We didn’t have any reservations but had two possibilities in mind for our stop over for the night. Either boondock along Walker Lake just outside of Hawthorne or stay at Whiskey Flats RV Park in Hawthorne.

As we rolled into Hawthorne and stopped to get fuel we were greeted with a very brisk breeze and temps in the mid 50’s and it was mid-afternoon. After a look at the forecast on the phone we saw that the temps were supposed to drop to 30 degree’s over night!! Well that settled it, after being so used to the warmer weather neither of us felt like dealing with a cold night and opted to settle in at Whiskey Flats for the night LOL!!

So here we sit, all tucked in for the night. Diane made a stew in the Crock-Pot yesterday so we would have an easy meal after a long travel day and it sure hit the spot.

We still have about 500 miles to cover before we reach Grants Pass so we will at least break it up into 2 days but we don’t need to be there for 3 days. We will just have to see if we get a wild hair and decide to just get there or if we can decide on a spot to keep us occupied for a couple nights. PLACE YOUR BETS!!!

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6 Responses to Moving towards Oregon

  1. Larry says:

    See ya soom!!!

  2. Chilly temps with stew…you nailed it! I’m betting on…just get there!

  3. Rodger says:

    Sorry to hear that the Lakeside has gone down hill. It was my favorite spot in Pahrump. Next time try the Wine Ridge RV Park, great food in the restaurant. Two more weeks before we close up the house, pack up the MH and head north, can’t wait. Drive safe.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We stayed at Lakeside almost 3 years ago on our first time through Pahrump and enjoyed it. A few months ago we came through again on our way south and stayed at Wine Ridge and enjoyed it but this time Diane said she felt like being amongst the green grass and trees that Lakeside afforded us the first time through so we went back. Wind Ridge will win over next time through.
      I hope the closing goes smooth and on time for you guys!!

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