A week in Lake Havasu (March 2015)

After packing up and lifting our jacks on 3/24 we rolled out of The Palms in Yuma, jumped on highway 95 and headed north towards Lake Havasu.

We have stayed in Lake Havasu a couple times since going fulltime but we have always stayed at the State Park on the lake and really enjoyed it. But this time because we are still seeking out a spot’s to call our “vacation” spot we opted to make reservations for a week at Havasu RV Resort. It’s the second highest rated RV park in Lake Havasu, second only to The Refuge but the rates are $2700 (that includes unlimited golf and a golf cart parked at your site) at the Refuge for a month so that is just not going to happen for us I’m afraid LOL!!


After getting all set up and spending a couple days we quickly figured out that the park is not what we are looking for as far as a “vacation” spot even though it’s a nice park.

This is the main and the largest of the 2 pools.

This is the main and the largest of the 2 pools.

The patio around the pool.

The patio around the pool.

The park has activities like off-roading tours, hiking excursions, a bus that takes you to a casino, a couple craft classes, line dancing and water aerobics, a small library, 2 pools but one is very small, a couple hot tubs, a small putting green, horse-shoes and Bocce. No tennis or Pickle-ball courts.

20150325_174718 20150325_174122

And the sites are nice enough. They range from nice wide concrete pads to some with shade covers and some with small casita’s.


It’s another park that has deeded owner lots you can rent or some you can rent directly from the park. Rates vary obviously by the time of the year but in season (Jan, Feb, March) you can expect to pay right around $700 per month plus power. Some are more and very few are less. Renting a week like we did to check the place out was $300. Again, more than we like to pay but it’s a cost we are willing to pay in order to search out the “vacation” spot. To be honest It’s the best privately owned RV park we have seen in Lake Havasu but we like the state park here much better and will probably seek it out on our next visit again.

A large concrete parking area and patio.

A large concrete parking area and patio.

This site has gravel parking with a large concrete patio and a casita.

This site has gravel parking with a large concrete patio and a casita.

The weather was darn warm during our stay and the daytime temps hung around the 95 degree range, a bit hot for our liking. What can I say, I just don’t like it that hot, and 70 to 80 is just fine for me.

We have visited Lake Havasu before so we didn’t feel the need to do all the touristy stuff but we still ventured out for walks along the water, which was somewhat interesting because there were still residue Spring Break visitors amongst the crowds LOL!! Oh to be young again.


We have been toying (just toying) with the idea of a RZR side by side so we made a stop to check a couple out. There is a shop in Lake Havasu that probably has the best selection of any dealer I have seen so it was a good place to stop and look. Plus they charge sales tax which is something we ARE NOT willing to pay on a large ticket item so that made it a safe place to look because we knew we would not pull the trigger LOL!!! Built in safety nets you see.

20150325_105038_1 20150325_104948

There would be so much involved with us getting a RZR that it’s a HUGE longshot that we would ever do it. We would need to get rid of Diane’s Prius that’s in storage and buy a pickup to begin with and then we would need to decide to tow the Jeep or the truck with the RZR in it OR the trike depending on what parts of the country we decided to travel. OR do we really need the trike any longer. It has been in storage for almost 3 years now and I have only ridden it 1000 miles or so while visiting Grants Pass last year. All of that might just confuse the laid back life style we are trying to lead. OH,,, my head hurts when I think about it, so I won’t. Things that are meant to happen will just happen.


And we managed to visit a couple local breweries. We don’t always search out breweries but when we do we always enjoy ourselves. We made the rounds to the College Brewery, the Barley Brothers Brewery and the Mud-Shark Breweries and like always, had a good time.

20150328_163553 20150328_153359

I also found a local RC airfield that I visited a few mornings during our stay, and there were some great planes!! During one visit there were two planes in particular that were very fast. In fact a guy had a radar gun and clocked one at 130mph and the other at 160mph. Fun stuff.

IMG_6625 IMG_6626 IMG_6628

IMG_6691 IMG_6697 IMG_6685 IMG_6655 IMG_6639 IMG_6617 IMG_6610 IMG_6601

You may have noticed that I have been spending a fair amount of time at RC airfields over the last few months. Well it was bound to happen,,,,,,,

I got busted by the paparazzi.

I got busted by the paparazzi.

I just couldn’t resist buying a plane for myself. I also bought a simulator so I can practice on the computer. Diane has even spent a little time trying her had at it.

Because we won’t really be in any one spot long enough to practice with the real plane over the next couple weeks I will leave it in the box until we reach Oregon and I can spend some time putting it together and spend some quality time at an airfield, hopefully with a trainer. In fact I have already made contact with people at two airfields in the Grants Pass area.

I will also be putting together a good plan to store the plane. I may have finally bit off a bit more than I can chew with this one LOL!!! But don’t count me out yet. I bet if I gather a few friends together looking at options over a few beers we will come up with a solution.

While on the topic of the plane I feel the need to give a shout out to Skyshark Hobbies. I dealt with Angie (Her and her husband Mike own the shop) and she was very knowledgeable about the products and did me righteous on the deal. Any time we can support a small family owned business we like doing so. And if they do a great job in our eyes we like to acknowledge that.

Angie also mentioned that it is not uncommon for traveling Rv’ers like us to call here when we are in a spot that we can get mail and order parts. So because of the good service we received they have earned at least first chance and any further needs we might have. Here is a link to their shop. http://www.skysharkrc.com/

We also attended the Sunday morning Farmers Market, well they call it a swap meet I guess. It was pretty good sized and I found a Pigs tail. It’s really called an E-Z Flip but the pointed end is shaped like a twisted pigs tail so that’s where it gets its name. It’s used to flip meat on a BBQ. I’ve kept my eyes open for months looking for one so it was a good find for me.

Just 1 of the many rows at the Sunday swap meet.

Just 1 of the many rows at the Sunday swap meet.

A borrowed picture from the web.

A borrowed picture from the web.

Monday is pretty much going to be a kick back day I think. Diane is going to pick a few things up at the store, other than that I think we will be content being lazy.

We stopped and checked out a fishing tourney and Diane decided that this is the type of toy we need to pull around LOL!!

We stopped and checked out a fishing tourney and Diane decided that this is the type of toy we need to pull around LOL!!

All in all we had a good time in Lake Havasu but it’s time to hit the road again. We will be leaving on Tuesday morning. We will pick up the pace a bit compared to our normal travel habits. We will have about 1000 miles to cover between Lake Havasu and Grants Pass and that normally would take us a good 5 weeks or so LOL!!! But we will have to put our noses to the grindstone and do it in 6 days, OH CRAP!!! I made reservations for 2 nights in Pahrump Nevada and everything else will be just one night stops from there to Grants Pass if I have my day’s right.

Looking at the weather forecast we will be driving right into rain when we reach Grants Pass. And it’s supposed to rain pretty much all of the first week we will be there. Go figure! I told Diane this should be the last time we end up in Oregon in April. There is just no reason for us to knowingly drive into the rainy season like that. Oh well.

We will be spending April and May bouncing back and forth between southern Oregon and Portland visiting family and friends which will be great but the plan is (I hope) to be hitting the road north and east during the first week June. Time will tell.

Oh, because this is now our 3rd time here in Lake Havasu I thought we would just share a couple links from our previous visits in case you are interested, here they are.



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3 Responses to A week in Lake Havasu (March 2015)

  1. Sue says:

    sorry we missed you guys. We are building a winter home here in Havasu, so we’ll for sure see you next time 🙂

  2. It’s great that you guys are getting to “scout” out some vacationing spots for future stays. I’m not a big fan of rainy areas either.

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