Still chillin in Benson

Our “experiment” stay here at the Saguaro SKP park in Benson continues. We have been here just a little over 2 weeks of our 4 week stay and it certainly feels different than what we felt while staying in Jojoba Hills SKP park a couple months ago and I think we both thought we would have an experience here closer to what we did at Jojoba.

Don’t take our comment above wrong, we are enjoying our time here but we are not nearly as active as we were in Jojoba. And I’m sure a big part of the reason for that is us. Maybe we just haven’t put ourselves out there like we did at Jojoba. And because we stayed here a couple years ago some of the “tourist” stuff has already been done. I know we have not gone to the clubhouse nearly as much here which puts you in more contact with the people also. But the clubhouse here in Saguaro isn’t the focal point like it is in Jojoba and the way the clubhouse is set up here just isn’t as user friendly to me. “And that’s just MY opinion”

I think the visual aspect has a lot to do with it also. In Jojoba you have a nice “U” shaped courtyard with a swimming pool and 2 hot tubs and a million dollar view over a valley. And the activity rooms are all accessed from separate doors off the courtyard. While here at Benson there is a nice view from the front covered porch of the clubhouse but it’s not a spot that makes you want to stop and saw, ahhhhhh. It just isn’t the same feel. And if there is an event going on in the main clubhouse at Saguaro and you want to play pool for example you need to pass through the event to gain entry to the pool room and are just on the other side of a door instead of in an entirely different area like at Jojoba.

Even though everyone is very friendly here at Saguaro there just doesn’t seem to be the enthusiasm that we felt in Jojoba. And there are more physical type activities at Jojoba like Pickle Ball, tennis, horse-shoes, swimming pool, sauna, shooting range and of course the RC airfield just down the road.

I guess it’s obvious that if we were at a stage in our life that we wanted to sit still for a few months during the winter and the choice came down to Saguaro or Jojoba we would choose Jojoba. But our answer could very well change in 10 years. And we will still keep our name on the list here at Saguaro because we think it would serve the purpose in certain circumstances should that come about. Sort of a safety net like we mentioned in a previous update.

OK, now that I have drug that on way to long let’s move on LOL!! Since our last update we have not been very active but part of the reason for that was a cold front went through that also brought some strong breezes that kept us hunkered down for a couple days. And even though we say “not very active” does not mean we sat in front of the TV all day every day.

I tested out a new Jalapeno Popper and a stuffed mushroom cap receipt on the smoker and then invited over a few friends to use as Ginny pigs to see how they turned out LOL!!

Cleaning the jalapeno was almost as bad as doing onions to me.

Cleaning the jalapeno was almost as bad as doing onions to me.

We left some whole and stuffed them and others we cut in half. And some we put little smokies in and some not.

We left some whole and stuffed them and others we cut in half. And some we put little smokies in and some not.

They were wrapped in bacon, mmmmmm. Everything is good with bacon!

They were wrapped in bacon, mmmmmm. Everything is good with bacon!

Everyone brought over a little something to share and we had a great visit until the sun went down and the temps dropped enough to chase everyone away.


Ready for the smoker

Ready for the smoker

20150221_150135 20150221_172251 20150221_172235

And we got together with our friends Leesa and Gary who we met while boon-docking in Quartzsite with a RV-Dreams group over Valentine’s Day in 2013. It took a while but our paths finally crossed again and we had a great visit and are looking forward to the next time when hopefully we can spend more time together.


And 5 couples gathered at Dianne & Toms rig for another great Happy Hour!! Once again everyone brought a little something to share while the main course was a green chilly concoction served over a flat cake that was REALLY good!! Once again we had a great visit until the sun went down and we were all chased off by the chill of the evening. (There was only one photo taken at this gathering by Dianne so I snatched a copy from her Blog to share LOL!! But I told her I was going to first. THANKS DIANNE!! )

From the left, Tom, Keith, Deborah, Diane, Yours Truly, Dianne, Dave, Becky, Karen & Bob

From the left, Tom, Keith, Deborah, Diane, Yours Truly, Dianne, Dave, Becky, Karen & Bob

We also made another trip to Tombstone where we had another meal at Big Nosed Kates. We have mentioned before that the Reuben sandwiches at Big Nosed Kates are fantastic. But the last time we were there a waiter told us that the Brisket was even better!! So of course we had to go back to give it a try.


And to be honest, I make a better Brisket on my smoker than what they serve at Big Nosed Kates (in my opinion) so it was a bit of a let-down. We have been there twice now in 2 weeks and I was informed by Diane that we have to go back at least one more time because she had chicken the first time and Brisket the second so we have to go back again so she can get her Reuben fix LOL!!! And who am I to say no, heck I want another Reuben and a Big Ass Beer.

On our way home from Tombstone we drove about 15 miles up a dirt road to see I we could spot any wildlife because it was getting close to dark and we thought they might be on the move, but no such luck.

20150228_181446 20150228_183400

It was well after dark before we made it back to the highway and continued home. We will head back out that way another day and make a day trip of it. The road winds many many miles through the Dragoon Mountains so it should be an enjoyable day.

During one of our Happy Hours a few people showed interest in seeing the “Toy” fly. And of course I am always happy to fly whenever I get a chance so we all agreed to meet at 10am for a demonstration.


As we reached the area I planned to fly there were 3 other drones just packing up because the winds had picked up and they were calling it quits. But I found out they meet most mornings if the winds are calm so I will be checking that out.

Dianne circling for just the right shot

Dianne circling for just the right shot

Now Dianne is directing just where the "Toy" should be.

Now Dianne is directing just where the “Toy” should be.

Even though it was a little breezy, maybe 15mph, I went ahead and flew because it wasn’t that bad. I just didn’t do any higher elevation stuff or fly to far away. But enough to hopefully give a good demonstration.

OH,, that looks like the right spot!!!

OH,, that looks like the right spot!!!

And perfection, Dianne took just the right shot. Thanks Dianne!!

And perfection, Dianne took just the right shot. Thanks Dianne!!

I think the ladies got bored pretty quickly because they all left us guys and went there merry ways. But us guys ended up standing around for 2 hours solving the problems of the world before we broke up LOL!!

And of course Diane and I have covered many miles on walks in the desert and around the park. And I’m sure we will walk many more before we leave the area.

20150227_102342_1 20150225_120206

So you see, even though I say we haven’t done much I guess compared to the days when we got up, went to work, came home, had dinner, watched TV and went to bed only to hit the repeat button the next day, we stay pretty busy LOL!!

That’s it for now. We hope everyone is staying as warm as possible where ever you are, it’s a cold one this year in so many places.

IMG_6501What the heck is that last picture you ask,,,, well more on that later LOL!!

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9 Responses to Still chillin in Benson

  1. Loretta says:

    Greetings from Benson. I arrived at Butterfield RV Park last week. I’ll be here for the summer and next winter so if you get a chance stop by.

  2. Dave & Diane says:

    What site are you in Loretta?

  3. Loretta says:

    I am in #8

  4. Thanks for checking out the two Escapees Park so thoroughly. Have heard good things about both and your review seems on point!! We were just at Lazydays for a FEW days and missed seeing you;o))

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Only a FEW DAYS!!! How the heck did you pull that off. Good thing you didn’t try to buy that RV I saw you looking at in your blog. I’m thinking the checklist might have been pretty long on it and you would have been at Lazy Days MUCH longer than you would have liked LOL!!

  5. Tom & Dianne says:

    Good points about the two SKP parks… quite different, and things to ponder. Jojoba certainly seems to be a bit more “upbeat.” It’s been great to spend a bit of time with you two the past couple of weeks. Look forward to more visits upon my return next Sunday… more friends arriving then and more fun gatherings 🙂

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Yes, we have had a great time spending time with you guys as well, and meeting new friends!!! It sounds like we both have more friends rolling through next week. I see more Happy Hours brewing!! Have a great time visiting with your sister. We will stop by and bug,, I mean check in on Tom while you are away.

  6. Dave & Becky says:

    Dave & Diane~ It was great meeting you two at the “social gatherings” and for the drone demo. I’ll be using…er, blaming you if I buy one. Safe travels and keep the shinny side up.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We enjoyed meeting you guys as well!! And it’s to bad there was a stiff breeze during the “toy” demo but I hope you enjoyed it none the less. And go right ahead and blame me for you buying one if you want, you won’t be the first LOL!! With a little luck we might run into you guys up north this summer. Stay safe

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