A catch up update and settling in for a month

I guess we better get busy with an update!!! While we were at Saddle Mountain in Tonopah Arizona the cell and internet service was so poor I pretty much gave up on any updates and then once we left the days started clicking by and once again we find ourselves behind.

Luckily we haven’t (Or would that be hadn’t) really been up to much. While in Tonopah we pretty much took advantage of some down time after having such a busy and socially active time in Quartzsite over the previous 3 weeks.

The highlight to our time in Tonopah was running into John & Denise. They are from Grants Pass (where we used to live) and John and I had already met at the store I ran. Once again I say, It truly is a small world.

IMG_6437 IMG_6425

We were able to get together for a nice dinner at Tin Top along with a few of John & Denise’s friends. It also just happened to be on the evening of Feb. 4th, my Birthday!! So that was a nice treat. None of them knew it was my birthday but that made it all that much better.

20150205_113924 20150205_113942

Diane and I also took a road trip to Wickenburg just to have a peak and toured around some back roads on other days. But mainly just chilled and killed a few days until our service appointment for the motorhome came around.


Our appointment was on Feb. 10th at 7am and it was a 1 hour drive from where we were camped so we rolled out of bed at 4:30 and rolled out of the campground at 5:30 (we apologized in advance to our neighbors for the early departure J) so we wouldn’t be pressed for time. And that worked out perfectly because we pulled into Freightliner at about 6:30 which gave me plenty of time to check in.


After checking in we kicked back in the plush waiting room and tried to catch a little nap but had no luck. Once the sun came up and the temps got a little warmer we broke out the lawn chairs we had in the Jeep and kicked back outside soaking up some rays. But that got boring pretty fast so we decided to take a drive in the countryside, avoiding all the traffic around the Phoenix area.

Actually because we planned to head towards Coolidge after our service, and the most obvious way to get there (or is that their) was on the freeway in all of the traffic Phoenix has to offer, we checked out a back way I came across while looking at the map on my phone that would take us on secondary roads that would let us skirt around Phoenix all together. And it looked very promising!!

In fact just in case you are heading east towards Phoenix and want to jump around it here is the way we went.

We took exit 133A and then took 99 to Buckeye and turned left, then to 91st and turned right, then left on Baseline, right on 51st and continue straight onto Beltline Road and Riggs Road. It will take you right to the freeway again if you are wanting to head towards Tucson.

That route is all 25 to 55mph secondary 2 lane roads that had very little traffic while we were on it. A very relaxing stroll. I will take slower secondary roads that pass by farmland any day over 5 lanes filled with traffic LOL!! The back way also takes you by the Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino that has some dry camping available in case that fits the bill at the time. We stopped in and had lunch but didn’t gamble any. I guess we figured the money spent on the service was enough for one day LOL!!

I need to give some credits to the Freightliner of Arizona in Tolleson. They have a very clean shop and they have a department that caters (or should that be cater’s) to RV owners which is completely opposite of most freightliner shops that HATE to work on RV’s. And they have 7 full hookup sites available complete with a dog run area in case you need to spend a night or two. PLUS they did a great job from what I can tell so far.

The service on our motorhome was completed at 1:30 and after paying our bill we were on our way. And as I mentioned we planned to stop at Indian Skies RV Park in Coolidge for a couple nights to visit with our friends Roger & Lynn who were already there. And because it was only 70 miles down the road from the Freightliner shop it made for a great place to lay over.

After pulling in at Indian Skies, and saying our hello’s to Roger & Lynn and getting set up it didn’t take long before Diane was stretched out on the couch and I was kicked back in my recliner for a little relaxation.

20150211_113714 20150211_113849

We had already toured the Coolidge area a couple years ago while staying in Casa Grande so we didn’t have an agenda other than killing a couple days and visiting with fiends. But we did take a short drive out to Picacho Peak State Park to have a look. Unfortunately because we want (well I guess need is a better word) to be back in Oregon by April 5th and we also have a couple spots in mind that we want to hit before starting our trek north we won’t be able to squeeze in a stop at Picacho Peak to camp this time but we will certainly put it on our bucket list of places if in the area again. This is why I hate having plans made, they just interrupt the flow.


Anyway, we had a couple nice Happy Hour evenings (now should that be evening’s) around the fire with Roger & Lynn before we lifted our jacks and once again continued farther (or further? ) south.

Two years ago we stayed at the Saguaro SKP Park in Benson Arizona and we wanted to visit it again. We have mentioned in other updates that we are keeping our eyes open for a spot that we might want to pick as our “go to” location for 3 months or so each winter instead of bouncing around. We figure after bouncing around in the southern states for 4 years or so we might see pretty much of what we want to see. And because we know we don’t want to spend our winters in Florida and pretty sure we don’t want to spend them in southern Texas, Southern California or Arizona seem to be the most likely spots. And because the Benson area is more rural and has some great hiking and wheeling areas as well as being large enough to have some decent shopping and restaurants, it is worth taking a harder look at.

OK, are you wondering (I always get the wondering right but it seems I sometimes use wondering when I should type wandering) what all this (….) stuff is all about in this update??

Well over the last couple years of doing the blog I’ve been told my spelling isn’t so good and that I miss use words and it makes it hard to follow what I write and my grammar isn’t so good, and I miss-use things like coma’s and hyphens (or is that hyphens, hyphen’s or hyphens’) so I guess I better start paying closer attention LOL!!! Or maybe not.

I think I made mention way back when I started this blog that if miss-spelled words or improperly pununctiated sentences bothered you this blog might drive you bonkers. But maybe I made that statement so far back that it isn’t seen much any longer so I figured I would bring it back to the surface.

Hey look, I left school at the age of 16 and started raising a family which meant a fulltime job and no time for school. Even though in later years I did go back and got a GED and put myself through business college most of what I have learned in my life has been from the school of hard knocks and good old fashion experience. And English classes are not the most prominent in those two schools.

But to (or is that too) be honest I’m proud of the fact that a dumb ol farm boy from Iowa that grew up with a hand pump in the kitchen for water and pooping in and outhouse was able to learn things like being a honest, dedicated and hardworking guy. And because of that dedicated hard work was able to thrive in the work force and achieve the freestyle life we enjoy today.

So if by living the life I have has put me at a disadvantage in the spelling and grammar categories, I’m good with it. I have always said, if you can figure out what I’m trying to get across even with any miss-spelled words or poorly punctuated phrases, its (or should it be it’s) good enough for me. And I won’t judge you if you happen to have flaws yourself. Just be true to who you really are and I’m good with it.

Ok, now I will put back on my extra layer of skin and get off my soap box LOL!!!

We have now decided to settle in to our new location for a month. It’s time to have our mail catch up to us, get our taxes done, do a little touring of the area and kick back before starting our journey back towards Oregon.

And while I’m growing a couple extra layers of skin I might put the blog in hibernation mode and start fresh when we start our trek north.

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8 Responses to A catch up update and settling in for a month

  1. explorvistas says:

    I, for one, hope you don’t hibernate, Dave. You write a great blog and are a pleasure to read. Let it roll off your back.


  2. Loretta says:

    If you get to Benson I will be working, (?), at Butterfield. Stop by and say hello. Several guests take their toys out in the desert every week.

  3. Your blog “reads” just fine. I enjoy hearing about the things you and Diane are up to. Enjoy Benson. The Chiricahua National Monument is amazing. There are lots of interesting trails.

  4. colibabas says:

    Don’t hibernate too long Dave…we enjoy your reading about areas we haven’t been to yet. :-))

  5. Kay says:

    Your blog is the first and sometimes the only blog I read, depending on how much wifi time I have left for the month. I really enjoy your blog and hearing about your adventures. Don’t change a thing, a few misspelled words or punctuation errors never bothers me. Your blog is enlightening and a pleasure to read and your personality shines through in the way you tell your stories. Keep them coming.

  6. Russ Sylvester says:

    Your blog is one of the six or seven that I read and to (too?) be honest, I couldn’t care less whether the spelling or grammar is perfectly correct.

    I really appreciate you letting me look over your shoulder as I will be jumping off in the not too (to?) distant future and want to learn as much as I can. Your blog is a goldmine of helpful information. Plus, it’s a fun read. Please don’t hibernate too long…..


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