What happened to our best buddy Jack you ask?

I had thought about doing an update about our dog Jack. And we have had a few people ask us about him and why he hasn’t been mentioned for some time. And I thought about doing an update back in October but just couldn’t think of a way to put the words to paper I guess but I’ll try to do the short version now. Those of you that we have seen in person have probably heard the long and maybe emotional version, sorry about that LOL!!!


First off it’s not a sad story, at least it shouldn’t be. When we adopted Jack we made a commitment to his wellbeing and promised to make sure he had the best life possible so of course when we went fulltime that commitment never changed and being part of the family he came along with us.


We always thought, what a great life Jack had being able to travel the country and see new things along with us. Of course we were enjoying it so he just HAD to as well, right? We were just certain that he didn’t mind giving up the nice 5 acre yard he was able to run and play in during our old lifestyle in exchange for a new backyard almost every week like we enjoyed, right? We were just certain that just because he hardly EVER found himself at the end of a leash or a tether in his old lifestyle that he certainly wouldn’t mind finding himself on them 80% of the time while outside so he could be with his “people”, right? And because so many places whether it be places like museums, or even many trails that don’t allow dogs we were certain Jack didn’t mind being cooped up in the motorhome all alone for sometimes up to 5 or 6 hours just so we “his people” could venture out and see the world, right? Well whether he did or not it’s the way WE chose to think he felt.


After 18 months on the road we made our way back to Grants Pass and one of our very close friends “Rich & Chris” made mention that that have been looking for another dog to be a companion to Felix, there Golden Retriever, “one of Jacks only real friends”. And of course our first thought was, oh how nice for Felix.


Rich & Chris have a few very nicely landscaped acres that are fully fenced complete with a nice big pond and lots of grass so of course every time we would go over to visit while in the area we would take Jack along to play with Felix, and play they did!!!!


After a couple weeks had gone by and Rich & Chris had made mention a couple more times about the desire to find another dog, and after watching Jack romp around with Felix and having such a great time without having to be at the end of a leash or tether Diane and I started feeling a little guilty and selfish in thinking we just KNEW Jack had to be happiest traveling with us.

After many days of watching Jack & Felix play and many evenings reassuring each other that Jack wanted to travel with us we finally came to the harsh reality that maybe we were thinking more of ourselves than the promise we made to Jack when we adopted him of making sure we would see to it that he would have the best life possible.

So while visiting with Rich one day I said, Rich, I have a serious topic I would like to talk with you about. And we asked the question, If you guys are really looking for another dog would you be interesting in having Jack. YES came out of his mouth so fast that it almost scared me and I thought he was going to bounce out of his chair getting the word out!!

Jack and Felix drying off and having fun

Jack and Felix drying off and having fun

About that time we were getting ready to go to Portland for 2 weeks to visit with family & friends and suggested that maybe Rich & Chris might want to have Jack stay with them during those 2 weeks for a trial run to see if he would be a fit into their lifestyle, they agreed.

After our 2 weeks away we expected Jack to maul us when he first saw us again because we were just CERTAIN he would have missed us terribly. So we punched in the code to Rich & Chris’s gate, drove in, got out of the car and waited for the mauling to commence.

Within minutes here came Felix running in our direction with Jack hot on his heels, OK GET READY TO BE MAULED we thought. Instead they gave us a fast fly by, hardly enough to even let us get a hand on them and away Felix ran with Jack still hot on his heels. What the hell just happened we thought!!! That darn Jack was more concerned about running with Felix than he was seeing us!!! How could that be!!!!


Were we sad that Jack didn’t really seem to have missed us, maybe a little. Were we happier to see that Jack was having a great time, most certainly.

The rest is history, Rich & Chris loved having Jack around and it was obvious that Jack was enjoying his freedom again. Watching Jack run & play we couldn’t help feel that Jack gained back a couple more years of his life and was almost puppy like again. And the best way we could live up to our promise to make sure we provided the best life possible for Jack was to let him stay with Rich & Chris.

Rich & Chris are the type of people that take the best care of everything they own whether it be a car, motorcycle, yard, tools, house or of course pets so it was easy for us to feel comfortable with our decision.

So as it stands, Jack has a new home complete with lots of room to run and play with his brother Felix and a pond to swim in if he wants, Or his own little pool to lay in on hot days in case he doesn’t want to get his hair all smelly from the pond LOL!!!


And if Rich & Chris ever decide that they don’t want 2 dogs any longer or if we decide to stop traveling and settle down in a house again we will get Jack back. Two things that I don’t think will ever happen but we at least know Jack has a sound future.





WHAT THE !!!!!

WHAT THE !!!!!

I’m sure some people will think we made the right decision and others will think we took an easy and selfish route. And that’s sort of why I guess we have not mentioned this before but we feel good about it and know from the pictures and updates we get from Rich & Chris that Jack does too.

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13 Responses to What happened to our best buddy Jack you ask?

  1. Don Capellani says:

    Well at least you didn’t eat him like our president did. Nice to see he got a good home

  2. You did the right thing. I know he is enjoying that yard much more than Lazydays campground. Also you two can now live without looking at your watch. Enjoy your blog and if you get back to FL. Come visit. We bought in MountOlive Shores North in Polk City. Big car guy motor coach group. These boys have some toys. Did you ever go look at it while in Seffner? Safe travels. Rob and Nancie

    • Dave & Diane says:

      I guys, congrats on the new spot in Mount Olive Shores. We did not see the place bt have read that’s it’s nice. When we get back in the area we will be sure to swing by.

  3. Nan & John says:

    If this is a duplicate, please delete….

    I thought I saw you with, I believe two critters, in Quartzsite at the classless class. Was that you, or not? Just wondering.

  4. Sandie says:

    As happy as Jack looks in those pictures, you truly did make the right decision for him. Even though it was hard on you. And that is what loving an animal is all about. Making sure they are happy and content.

  5. Pam says:

    While reading the blog, I had a tightness in my chest as well as love in my heart, for I know it was hard for you both, but also joyous knowing Jack is happy. Such a mix of emotions….know that all of our kids are enjoying the rug, as it has found a home in the garage of the toy hauler and they all drink heartily from the collapsible bowl….thank you dear friends for the gifts!

  6. Lar says:

    No doubt that was a hard fought decision by you guys, but the right one for all concerned. Rich and Chris place is where I would want to live if I was a dog, a fish, a cat, a Jeep, motor cycle, anything but a big juicy steak.

  7. Loretta says:

    I am sure it was a tough decision. It looks like he is happy and in a great home.

  8. Helen and Pat says:

    Jack looks like he’s in seventh heaven, what more could you ask for him. Think they’ll take in retired RVers in the future? Well……… one can live in hope eh?

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