Moving on from Quartzsite

We have made a move since our last update. Yep, a little sooner than we had planned but for some reason we just couldn’t pick up NBC on our over the air antenna while camped on Plomosa Road even though on our last day there (Saturday) we moved to 3 different spots at least a ¼ mile apart in a last ditch effort to do so. And without NBC there would be no Super Bowl.

Our friends Steve and Diane who were camped about 15 miles away in LAPOSA South invited us over to watch the game with them but being Canadians they admittedly normally don’t watch the game. Plus because Diane is a New England Patriots fan she had a hankering to watch everything about the game from the early morning, through the game AND the stuff after the game LOL!!! So with those things in mind we decided to cut our stay in Quartzsite short by about 6 days and move to a location we would surly get the game. (Thanks for the invite anyway Steve & Diane!!)

Because we have a service scheduled for the motorhome at 7am on Feb. 10th in Tolleson Arizona we figured moving closer to Tolleson would be a good idea so we won’t have a long drive that morning so we moved about 85 miles to Tonopah and paid for 3 nights at Saddle Mountain RV Park. We will decide if we will stay here until the 10th or make another move even closer by Monday. If we stay here we will leave about 45 miles to travel the morning of our service.

At typical row here at Saddle Mountain RV Park

At typical row here at Saddle Mountain RV Park

We stayed here at Saddle Mountain overnight 2 years ago after leaving Quartzsite as a spot to dump our tanks, take on water and do laundry before moving on to Organ Pipe National Park and found it to a OK place even though Verizon service is horrible.

We no sooner got here and finished hooking up before the skies opened up and gave us a good downpour of rain. It rained off and on the remainder of the day which made it an easy choice to stay inside and do some deep cleaning after 19 days in the desert. Oh, and a long shower was in order as well LOL!!

Sunday 2/1/15 was a nice sunny day. And as I eluded to earlier, one filled with nothing but football on TV. Diane was more stuck in front of the TV than me, I took a stroll around the park and took a few pictures as well as put the “Toy” in the air for a few shots before the game actually started.

A shot from the "toy" of Saddle Mountain RV Park. We are parked in the back right hand corner where it is more open and less crowded.

A shot from the “toy” of Saddle Mountain RV Park. We are parked in the back right hand corner where it is more open and less crowded.

20150201_122154 20150201_122126

Because I’m a Kansas City fan all I really wanted in a Super Bowl game was for it to be well officiated and for it to be a close exciting game. Well I think I got what I hoped for! And the Patriots winning was just the icing on the cake because of course that made Diane happy which in turn made for a much more pleasant evening for me LOL!!

Monday 2/2/15 we needed to figure out just what our plan would be for the next week. Stay here at Saddle Mountain, move to a state park down the road or maybe go to another boon-docking spot just down the road to kill some time before our service on the 10th. Moving here to Tonopah moved our timing up by a few days and has created some dead time.

We would normally jump on the State Park idea except this time. After taking a drive to check it out today and visit with our friends Roger and Lynn we decided to stay put at Saddle Mountain for another 7 days. Even though we liked the state park we figured that it would actually take us less time to drive the extra 20 miles to our appointment from Saddle Mountain than it would from the state park with all the back roads and stop signs involved. Plus having to hit the dump station before leaving the state park compared to being dumped the night before here at Saddle Mountain with the full hookups, therefore making an easier morning. And when we have to depart at 5:30am we want easy LOL!!

But we are glad we made the trip out to check it out and will certainly keep it in mind for the next time we are in the area. Oh, the park is called White Tank.

Visiting with Roget & Lynn at White Tank Park. I LOVE THAT IOWA SHIRT!!!

Visiting with Roget & Lynn at White Tank Park. I LOVE THAT IOWA SHIRT!!!

After our visit with Roger & Lynn we stopped by a couple other RV parks that would be closer for our appointment but we both agreed they were not worth dealing with to save maybe ½ hour drive. The spaces were WAY to close together for our liking. So we stopped at Wal-Mart, did a little grocery shopping and made our way home. It probably won’t be a very exciting week, there isn’t much in the area. And with the internet be excruciatingly slow I wouldn’t expect any further updates until we move on.

Anyway, thanks for checking in!!!!

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3 Responses to Moving on from Quartzsite

  1. explorvistas says:

    I did a Google satellite of White Tank, Dave. Where is the dump station located? That looks like a decent park.

  2. Dave & Diane says:

    It’s right at the entrance to the campground. It looks pretty new so maybe it does not show up on Google satellite yet.

  3. Don Capellani says:

    You never talk about Jack your dog what ever happen to him ?

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