Travel day to Jojoba Hills SKP RV Parks

We finished up our 2 week stay in Indio/Palm Springs on Monday the 15th and have moved on.

Remember in our last post I mentioned we took a road-trip in the Jeep to scout out the roads that our GPS and MapQuest wanted us to take from Palm Springs over to the Jojoba Hills RV Park? And how we decided that road would be better left to motorcycles and sports cars. And how we decided to take a longer, less exciting route. Oh the best made plans don’t always work out LOL!!

Our plan was to head west on I-10 to HWY 60, then to 215 which would take us towards Temecula and then take 79 to the RV park. We all went well until for some reason we didn’t drive far enough on HWY 60 and ended up turning off on Gilman Springs Road which turned out to be a nice 2 lane highway that took us through Gilman Hot Springs and eventually through San Jacinto and then Hemet.

Now everything was fine up to that point and we knew we were off our plotted route but everything seemed to be going fine and our trusted GPS kept telling us we were getting closer to our destination so we just chuckled, called it part of the journey and continued on not knowing that if we just slid over a couple blocks we would have jumped on HWY 79 that would have taken us to 215 and we would have been right back on track.

Now Gilman Springs Road turned into State Street when we hit San Jacinto and took us through the heart of town and eventually State Street took us back into the country and turned into Cactus Valley Road which also turned into a more narrow and winding road (About that time we looked at each other and said,, ohhhh but continued on).


The fun began when Cactus Valley Road turned into Sage. Now sage road got pretty narrow at first with trees that crowded right to the edge of the road. You know the ones where if you stayed in your own lane they would scrape down the side of your RV. We didn’t get any pictures of that area because that’s about the time Diane made some sort of comment about not liking the situation we were in LOL!!! And I don’t think the camera was on her mind. But the GPS kept saying we were getting closer to our destination and we only had about 30 miles of this type of road to deal with so we continued on. Of course by that time it’s not like we had a choice.

Now the road had some turns to it all this time but nothing bad but as if we wasn’t have enough of a good time the road started to fill in with some great motorcycle riding type turns. You know, the 20mph switchback types that have you driving out your side windows instead of out the front windshield. Cool!!!


Sage Road along with being narrow and full of turns had lips on the sides like eased curbs which were basically impossible not to get up on in a few of the turns if we wanted to stay in our lane. This was one of the few times I felt I noticed a difference between our old 40’ coach without a tag and out new 42’ with tag.


Eventually Sage road let us out of its grips and spit us out on HWY 79 just 3 miles from our destination at the Jojoba Hills RV Park in Aguanga Ca.

In reality even though not a route we would choose to take again we made it just fine and saw some country we may otherwise never seen. And that’s part of what this journey is all about.

We arrived at Jojoba about 1 o’clock I guess and are set up in a very nice and BIG site that is nicely landscaped (desert landscaping), has a huge patio and a great view of the surrounding mountains. Our home for the next 11 days until Dec. 26th.

As luck would have it the RV Park was having an ice-cream social at 3:30 so after setting up and relaxing for a bit we made our way down to a room filled with roughly 200 people! And unknown to us when there are first time guests like us there they are asked to step forward in front of a microphone and introduce themselves with a brief history. I hadn’t stood in front of a crowd since I stopped working but everyone was so welcoming that it wasn’t a big deal. (there is more to this story I will talk about in the next update)

This park is probably one of, if not THE highest recommended Escapee’s parks in the system so we are looking forward to seeing just what all the talk is about. And because we have really only been here a few hours, and most of them have been spent sleeping, we won’t even try to elaborate yet but we like what we see so far.

So come back soon for an update.

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One Response to Travel day to Jojoba Hills SKP RV Parks

  1. Larry says:

    Hey Dave, sounds like my kind of trip….on a motor cycle, LOL. We are in Grapevine Tx. for three days with Kathys son and three grand daughters. Had some interesting driving around Tonopah, and between I-5 and Susanville, Almost everyone chained up, but us. Did slow me down a little. Had snow between Reno and Fallon. We will head down to Ernie Smiths in Clifton on Sunday, then towards South Padre Island on Monday.

    Talk to ya soon.

    lar On Tue 16/12/14 1:06 PM , Dave & Diane throwing caution to the wind sent: a:hover {color: red;}a {text-decoration: none;color: #0088cc;}a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; }a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; }/* @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; }}*/ Dave & Diane posted: “We finished up our 2 week stay in Indio/Palm Springs on Monday the 15th and have moved on. Remember in our last post I mentioned we took a road-trip in the Jeep to scout out the roads that our GPS and MapQuest wanted us to take from Palm Springs over t”

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