Our stay in Lake Havasu and travel day to Quartzsite

When we first hit the road in Nov of 2012 we didn’t really think we would ever stay in the same place twice while traveling the country but we have been proven wrong. In fact this is the second time we have stayed here at the Lake Havasu State Park.

That's us in site #10. Pretty good spacing and a great view of the lake

That’s us in site #10. Pretty good spacing and a great view of the lake

I guess what it comes down to is that when we left southern Oregon in 2012 we did our research and picked what we thought would be the best route south to warmer areas that we thought we would like. So after going back to southern Oregon to visit family and friends after 19 months on the road when it came time to head south again, even after pondering a different route, it just made sense to head south on pretty much the same route we did in 2012, not exactly but close. Part of me thought, what the heck are you doing going the same way, and another part of me said, what the heck if it feels good do it.

You can get an idea of the layout of the park in this shot. There are a few more sites farther to the right

You can get an idea of the layout of the park in this shot. There are a few more sites farther to the right


Here are a couple links to the updates we did during our first stay here after only 3 weeks of full-timing on the road in case you are interested.



The first time we stayed here at the state park we paid $20 per night which we thought was a value for a spot along a lake. Back then it was a dry-camping spot and since then they have added electrical and water to the sites and upped the fee to $35 for a site along the lake and $30 for interior sites. So $15 per night extra for power and water!!! That does not compute in my mind but it is what it is.

IMG_5709 IMG_5720 IMG_5713 IMG_5715

The only way we can justify the cost of this park is that compared to any other park (that we have looked at) in town it has the best site spacing and it gives us a view of something other than other RV’s surrounding us. Some other parks have things like clubhouses, pools etc. but those things are not a draw for us necessarily. Oh well, that’s our opinion and you know what they say about opinions.

Anyway, after settling in on Monday we chilled for a bit and then took a drive around town and stopped in at Mario’s for dinner. We ate at Mario’s when here in 2012 and liked it so why not stop in again. It was as good this time as we remembered it to be, in fact maybe even better.

After Mario’s we headed home and settled in for our Monday viewing of  The Voice


Tuesday & Wednesday after our normal leisurely start’s to the day we were off like a herd of turtles to re-visit the area.

IMG_5657 IMG_5658 IMG_5652 IMG_5655 IMG_5667

We of course visited the London Bridge area and walked the shoreline.

One of the lights on top of the London Bridge

One of the lights on top of the London Bridge

20141118_114824 20141118_113402

And we walked across the bridge and had lunch at the Barley Brothers Brewery http://barleybrothers.com/

The view from the Brew House where we had lunch

The view from the Brew House where we had lunch


And we visited the downtown area as well as toured the surrounding residential areas for fun. This is one of the few places we have traveled to the last couple years that is showing big residential growth which is nice to see for a change instead of abandoned residential projects.

After a long day of being out we made our way home where we found a note by our door from Kelly and Rich. They came by to say hello but unfortunately we weren’t home, but there is always Thursday!!

We enjoyed another great sunset and called it a day.

IMG_5683 IMG_5676

Oh, while we were our gallivanting around town on Wednesday Diane had a crock pot of homemade applesauce in the works and it sure turned out good, mmmmm



Thursday was our last day in Lake Havasu for this time around anyway and all we really had planned was to go to the grocery store, toss a roast in the crock pot, do some laundry, take a walk on the trail along the water and hopefully catch up with Kelly and Rich for a visit and then watch the KC football game.


And everything went pretty much as planned, the only thing that didn’t happen was the walk along the water and KC didn’t win in their game against Oakland geeeezzzzzz.

The best part of our day was visiting with Rich and Kelly. We went over to their place and sat outside soaking up the sun and had a great visit until the sun slipped behind some clouds and it started to cool off. (I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures)

I will say that the campground Rich and Kelly are staying at is pretty nice and would be a spot we would stay if we ever opted to not stay at the state park on Lake Havasu.

We have been very fortunate the last couple weeks in meeting new friends and Kelly & Rich were no exception. They are great people and we look forward to catching up with them again down the road.

Well, we once again enjoyed our stay in Lake Havasu. We only stayed 4 days this time and could have easily stayed a couple more but it’s time to move on.




Friday 11/21 we lifted our jacks and headed out for a short 1 ½ hour travel day to Quartzsite Arizona. We are all set up now in a great quiet spot about 8 miles outside of town for a few days.

That's our spot down there with nobody around but us.

That’s our spot down there with nobody around but us.


When we got to Quartzsite we rolled right into Discount Solar to have them take a good look at our solar system. They did the original install on our 07 and I wanted them to take a good look at what Lazy Days did when they switched the system from our old rig to the new. With all of the problems we had a Lazy Days I wasn’t totally certain they did things right even though I kept as good an eye on them that I could.

It turns out the system was just fine and they were surprised that the install looked as good as it does. They said most installs they see that a dealers have done are pretty poor and the biggest issue was the size of wired used but ours was just fine. The wire is something I did a visual on before Lazy Days did the install so I felt pretty good about that.

When we bought the system originally we didn’t have an all-electric rig and things like a residential refrigerator. And we had 600 amp hour’s worth of batteries instead of the 900 we have now so I had them also give us a quote on upgrading our system from the 560 watts of solar we now have to 1120 watts.

We will be doing a lot more boon-docking over the next few weeks so we will make a decision on an upgrade soon. If we decide to we will probably have I done when we return to Quartzsite in January. More to come on that later.

We really don’t have any plans other than taking walks in the desert and chillin while in Quartzsite. And that sounds pretty darn good.

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4 Responses to Our stay in Lake Havasu and travel day to Quartzsite

  1. Lar. says:

    that sunny weather looks real nice down there. The shots from the new “Toy” are great also.

  2. colibabas says:

    Hope to see you guys at Q. We plan on being there in a few weeks and staying until….well when ever. Gotta see that toy!😜

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