A few kick back days in Pahrump

I guess to begin with we will fast forward through a couple days since our last update about the China Ranch Date Ranch. Not that we haven’t enjoyed them but there just hasn’t been anything really news worthy.

We have been getting up to sunny blue skies every day, you just have to love that. Temperatures have been in the 80’s every day, a few degree’s warmer than I prefer but pretty darn nice.

We have gone down for the free waffle breakfast a few times, not every morning but a few. The waffles aren’t bad and it’s a good place to meet new people and chat. In fact we had the opportunity to meet Kelly and Rich who are fulltime RVer’s and have been on the road just about the same amount of time as us. And it turns out they have been following our blog for the last couple years. That was a nice treat.


The days have been filled with short tours around town, walks, chatting it up with fellow RVer’s, flying the “toy”, and we did some wine tasting which of course lead to wine buying, which in turn lead to evenings around the fire drinking wine and star gazing. A natural progression.

20141107_125016 20141107_175550

In fact we have surprisingly enjoyed our stay in Pahrump enough to extend our stay another week. We were supposed to be traveling on to a new spot now but we have a couple friends we meet in Florida coming to stay in the park this week so we decided to stay a bit long so we could meet up again.

With the price of $84 per week with full hookups, a free breakfast 5 days a week and friendly people. Plus friends coming our way how could we NOT stay longer. Heck we have no place we need to be until Nov. 24th when we are scheduled to be in Desert Hot Springs to meet up with Bob and Karen for a week so as far as we are concerned Pahrump is as good a place to be as any right now. Well we do have reservations at the State Park in Lake Havasu for 4 nights starting next Monday as of this morning.


Ok, that completes our fast forward and I will end this update here. But our next update will be about our visit to the Red Rock Canyon for a couple hikes and some natural beauty. We went there Monday and had a great time. In fact I’m sure we just might go back again before we leave the area. So come back soon and check it out.

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3 Responses to A few kick back days in Pahrump

  1. what is the name of park that you’re staying in at Pahrump.? 🙂

  2. $84/week with full hook ups and breakfast 5 days a week. That’s hard to believe.

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