Travel day to Pahrump Nevada

With Monday 11/3 came another travel day. This time we were heading about 275 miles to Pahrump Nevada.

In our last update we were asked WHY Pahrump. And the only answer I could give was because it’s between where we were and where we want to go LOL!! NO real good reason but the only one we have.

After our morning routine we were on the road at 8:30. And it was just a road, a long stretch of two lane highway with not a bunch to see between point A and point B. A good stretch of road to just put some music on and drive. Well, Diane was so impressed with the scenery that she grabbed the tablet and played some games. The only time she perked up was when she saw a couple wild Donkeys along the road. And she almost missed getting a picture.


See the donkeys on the right side of the picture?

See the donkeys on the right side of the picture?

There were a few small towns along the way and as we drove through each we asked ourselves the same question that we ask so many times as we go through towns like these, what the heck do people do out here????

IMG_6823 IMG_6818 IMG_6817

One thing about getting on a stretch of road with nothing standing in your way is the motorhome likes it. And it showed on the fuel consumption!!! I like seeing 8MPG or better day LOL!!!


After a few hours on the road we crested a hill and noticed a bunch of dust blowing in the distance. What the heck, are we going through that??? Well the answer was yes, in fact even though it’s hard to see in the pictures there is a town in the middle of all that dust. And guess what town it was, yep, Pahrump!!! Right where we were headed LOL!!


The good this is that by the time we actually got there the dust had moved on and we just hit the edge of it and by the time we reached the Wine Ridge RV Park we were covered by nothing but blue sky and sun. Perfect.

Entrance to the Wine Ridge RV Park

Entrance to the Wine Ridge RV Park

20141104_090916 20141103_144142 20141104_090927

After checking in and getting set up in our new home for the next week we chatted with our new neighbors and took a short drive around town before settling in for an evening of The Voice and Black List.

Tuesday we will be taking a road trip to the China Ranch Date Ranch so check back in soon.

I think we will be doing some wine tasting.

I think we will be doing some wine tasting.

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4 Responses to Travel day to Pahrump Nevada

  1. UGGGGH…..we got caught in a sand storm once in Needles. Hope NEVER to experience that again:o(( Hope you get to try some date to go with that wine;o))

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Lucky for us we just caught the edge of it. And we did go wine tasting yesterday, some good stuff. I fact I sat around the fire with the neighbor last night and drank part of a bottle LOL!!

  2. colibabas says:

    So Dave…has anyone at the RV park mentioned Sheri’s Ranch Brothel. When we were there the women at the dinner and wine tasting we attended said you must go for a tour and have lunch. It’s very tastefully done and has good food. Unfortunately we ran out of time. Just sayin……. 😉

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