Our stay in Sparks / Reno

It’s time to pack up and move on from Sparks so we better do an update. We have really taken it pretty easy while here. I think I have mentioned before that Diane and I have been to Reno / Sparks numerous times on motorcycle trips and I made monthly work related trips to Reno for a few years in a row so we haven’t felt compelled to play the tourist this time around.

We have however taken a few nice walk around the Sparks Marina Lake. The walking trail is a little over 2 miles long and it’s probably ½ mile from our RV site to the trail so it’s a nice stroll.

20141028_144230 20141028_150741

And the parks is pretty nice. It has a fishing pier a couple volleyball courts on a sandy beach, a great dog run area where the dogs can swim in the lake, and you can rent paddle boats and knee-boards if you feel the desire.

Here are some fun facts, The Marina contains an estimated one billion gallons of water. Approximately 2 to 3 million gallons of water enters the Marina daily. Average depth is 60 feet, with the deepest point being approximately 120 feet. The average temperature of the deepest parts is in the 40’s all year around, while the shallow areas will heat into the 70’s during the hot summer months. And the park spans 81.01 acres.

And we made a couple rips out to the Washoe Lake State Park. One time was just a drive through and the other was to take a walk and fly the toy. The cost for a non-Nevada resident is $7 for day use and $17 per night to camp. We both felt that the $7 was a bit much for this time of year but better to pay that than the $200 fine if you get caught not paying LOL!!

IMG_5475 IMG_5477 IMG_5456 IMG_5459

We would however like to come back and camp when it’s not getting into the 30’s during the night. Even though $17 is steep in our book to dry camp it is peaceful which would make it ok in our minds for at least a couple nights compared to the $34 we were paying at the Sparks Marina RV Park.


There are 49 sites and each has a table, grill and fire ring and most have a shade shelter. And there are 2 comfort stations but only 1 has a shower. And it looks like most of the sites would hold our rig with no problem. Above are a couple shots taken by the toy.

IMG_5494 IMG_5487 IMG_5496

The name Washoe comes from the original inhabitants, the Washoe Indians. The tribe spent winters as family groups in the lowlands of what is now Washoe Valley and summers at Lake Tahoe so they had it figured out.

That's Diane down there in the maze. Come on Diane,,, You can do it!! But I had the toy in the air in case a rescue was in order.

That’s Diane down there in the maze. Come on Diane,,, You can do it!! But I had the toy in the air in case a rescue was in order.


We also went out to eat a few times. The best meal and most enjoyable was when Bernie and Elsie (A Canadian couple headed towards Las Vegas that we had the pleasure of meeting) invited us along for a great Italian dinner at Johnny’s Ristorante Italiano.

And yes, we did spend part of one day jumping from casino to casino making our small donation to the local economy LOL!!!

Our original plan was to stay here in Sparks for one week and departing on Friday 10/31 but somewhere during the week Diane realized we would be traveling on Halloween and she would possible miss the morning show’s big costume reveal!!! OH NOOOOO! But in fairness Halloween is one of Diane’s favorite holidays so what the heck, we have no place we have to be.

And as I sit here doing he blog just listening to her laughing and giggling like a little girl makes it all worthwhile. Even though today would be a beautiful sunny dry day to travel and there is a storm coming in this afternoon bringing wind and rain and the possibility of light snow for our travel day tomorrow. Anything for my lady. But let’s see if I feel the same way after our travel day LOL!!

But today has been very nice, it would have been a fantastic day to travel. Every time Diane mentions how nice the day is I respond with, to travel.

In reality if it turns out to be a really bad day in the morning we will just stay put another day. From the looks of the park after today’s mass exit by other RV’ers I’m sure it won’t be a problem getting a spot. But I think they are the smart ones.

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