Clear Lake, Sahalie Falls, Koosah Falls and Suttle Lake

OK, we have fallen way behind on updates so for the sake of catching up I think we will keep them short of words and a little long on pictures. What is it they say, 1 picture is worth a thousand words.

IMG_5271 IMG_5286

The first thing we did on Sunday 10/19 was drive to Clear Lake. Clear Lake has two main bodies connected by a bottleneck. The lake is primarily fed by snow runoff from nearby Mount Washington and the surrounding areas. The runoff filters through underground caverns for more than 20 years before emptying into Clear Lake. The lake is also fed by two small creeks which may dry up seasonally.

IMG_5290 IMG_5293 IMG_5301 IMG_5319

Submerged 100 feet deep in the lake is a stand of upright trees that were killed approximately 3,000 years ago when volcanic activity created the lake. The trees are remarkably preserved due to the cold year-round water temperatures of between 35–43 °F

IMG_5321 IMG_5325 IMG_5336 IMG_5340

The water is so clear it’s amazing. It gave me the hebe-gebee’s walking on the dock and looking at the row boats. It looked like they were sitting on a glass tabletop with a fishbowl or something under the glass. I don’t really know how to describe it.


There is a 5 mile hike around that we opted to do while there and it was well worth it. And YES,, we made that one LOL!!!

IMG_5345 IMG_5348

I would say that a little over half of the trail is just an easy walk and the rest is over some uneven ground but over-all an easy hike. And one well worth doing. I know these pictures do it no justice.

After Clear Lake we headed to Sahalie Falls just up the road a few miles.


And from Sahalie we took a short hike to Koosah Falls for a look see.

IMG_5370 IMG_5375 IMG_5384

The stairs were a special treat after the 5 mile hike around Clear Lake LOL!!

IMG_5405 IMG_5419

After the falls we headed home with a stop at Suttle Lake. It’s a nice big lake with a very nice looking lodge.

IMG_5449 IMG_5429 IMG_5433

It looks like they do boat rentals also but I bet it’s busy busy during the summer.

IMG_5422 IMG_5434 IMG_5439 IMG_5443 IMG_5451

All in all another great day touring the area.



Monday and Tuesday we pretty much chilled and enjoyed the RV Park before our departure on Wednesday.

20141021_121123 20141021_121317

We did take a drive into Sisters and visited the Three Creeks Brewery for dinner and brews.



On our next update we will be taking about what happened on our departure day from Sisters and our hooking up with our friends Bob & Karin.

Oh and of course our new issues with the coach and the fun time we are currently having at he Freightliner shop in Sparks Nevada. It may take a couple days with everything going on but be sure to come back and check it out. We hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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