Travel day to Bend/Sisters Garden RV Resort.

In our last update I mentioned that we had no plans for Tuesday 10/14. And just like I said we pretty much just stayed home and dry on a rainy day. Diane did get a call and was able to move up her haircut appointment from 5:30 to 1pm due to a cancelation which was nice.

After Diane got home we decided to go to a Brew house we heard about called Chiefs. Of course I’m a KC Chiefs fan, which the pub has nothing to do with the KC Chiefs but all I needed was the word Chiefs mixed in with the word brew and I was all in LOL!!!

Chiefs Brew Pub in Coburg Oregon

Chiefs Brew Pub in Coburg Oregon

We heard they had the best burgers and hot wings in Eugene so we had to check it out. We split a Coburger and a pound of wings. They were both very good, oh so was the brew LOL!!

After Chiefs we headed home and chilled the rest of the night just wishing the rain would stop for our travel day on Wednesday.


Wednesday morning 10/15 rolled around and all the wishing we had done for the rain to stop didn’t help much, well not when we first woke anyway.

Because it was raining when we first got up we were in no hurry to get around, After all we only had a 2 or 2 ½ hour travel day ahead of us. But all of a sudden about 8 the rain pretty much stopped and we decided to get our butts in gear and take advantage of our good fortune.

Diane started packing up inside and I loaded the bikes on the Jeep and did the outside chores and the engine was running by 8:45 and we were headed to a spot we could hook-up the Jeep. Unfortunately it started raining again while we were hooking up but it wasn’t bad. And it rained the entire way until right as we were pulling into Sisters and the sun came out!!! Perfect!!


We drove through Sisters and made our way to the Bend/Sisters Garden RV Resort which is about 5 miles east of Sisters. We were lucky that our site was vacant and we able move right in.

20141015_160933 20141015_112410

Once again we opted for a nose in site by a lake. The pull-though sites in the park are a lot longer and would accommodate our 42’ rig and Jeep with ease but the nose in site we chose is just long enough for the motorhome and we park the jeep across the street. It’s worth it for the view.


That's us in the lower left. Site #79

That’s us in the lower left. Site #79


After getting all set up we decided because the sun was still shining to jump in the Jeep and head to Sisters to walk the streets a while. We walked around a couple hours popping in and out of shops and then decided to head back to the jeep and head out for a drive in the countryside.



We drove around aimlessly for a while taking in the sights until we both were starving so we headed home for some diner and chilled the rest of the evening.

We decided that Thursday we would take a drive out the McKenzie Scenic Highway and visit the Observatory and find the Proxy Falls and hike in for a look.

To be honest we are a day behind doing the blog and have already done the McKenzie Scenic Highway but I want to do an update of it alone. We have far too many pictures for that update to try and fit them in here and make it an extraordinarily long update so come back soon!!

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