Cascades Raptor Center, A new air-conditioner and a visit to Fiddlers Green golf shop

Thursday the 9th was another great sunny day and Diane was feeling a bunch better so we decided to visit the Cascade Raptor Center that is nestled on a wooded hillside in the southern part of Eugene.20141009_125806 20141009_130219

The center rehabilitates orphaned, sick, and injured wildlife, primarily birds of prey (raptors) with the ultimate goal of releasing them. Unfortunately the releasing part just can’t happen many times so the birds live out their remaining life in captivity.

20141009_130417 20141009_130659

Many of the birds are used for public education. The center uses permanently disabled/non-releasable birds to create a first-hand experience of wildlife through on-site visits to the Nature Center and off-site presentations and exhibits at schools and public events.

20141009_131010 IMG_4930 IMG_4935 IMG_4936

So what is a Raptor? – “Raptor” is another word for bird of prey. Hunting birds with keen eyesight and hearing, strong feet with sharp talons for grasping and killing prey, and curved beaks for ripping up their food. Raptors are not the only predators of the bird world, but they are the only birds that hunt with their feet!

The birds that were on hand while we were there consisted of Crow’s, Raven, Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Falcon’s, Hawks, numerous Owls, Osprey, Vultures, and a few others.

At each cage there is information about the bird you are seeing like where it was found and what, or what they think, happened to it? It seemed many of them were either kept as pets from a very young age and then either were let go or escaped and wasn’t able to survive on their own. And I was very surprised at how many ran into guide wires to towers or power lines and broke bones in that manner.

Why does a prisoner of war camp come to mind as I walk around.

Why does a prisoner of war camp come to mind as I walk around.

Hey,,, that birds is out of her cage

Hey,,, that birds is out of her cage

Many of the birds will not reproduce while in captivity however many do. And when they do the Center does everything in their power to not create a human imprint so they can be released. I forget what the exact number that were born at the Center and then released but it was 2 or 3 hundred.


The entry fee is $8 each and because it goes to a great cause we think it’s more than fare.

We spent a couple hours walking around the Center and enjoyed it. The rest of the day I spent cleaning the outside of the motorhome and relaxing.

Hey Diane,,, there is a bird missing next to you,,,,,, (OH,, OK wait!!!)

Hey Diane,,, there is a bird missing next to you,,,,,, (OH,, OK wait!!!)

(OK, HOWS THIS??) They have some very strange birds here

(OK, HOWS THIS??) They have some very strange birds here.


Friday 10/10 we had an appointment to have our rear air-conditioner replaced so at 8:45 we fired up the coach had drove to the RV Corral, checked in and were told it should be completed around noon.

We decided not to hang around so we jumped in the Jeep and headed for Fiddlers Green. If any of you are golfers and you are in the area and need anything, or just want to see a great golf shop Fiddlers Green is the place to go. They have a 9 hole course and a driving range where you can take any club you want from the store and give it a try. And the sales staff are very helpful.


Due to the space limitations of living the RV lifestyle we don’t have the luxury of having our pull carts at our disposal and I have started to carry my bag rather than rent a cart but my bag only had one shoulder strap. By the time I finished carrying that bag 18 holes I knew it.


Many of the newer bags have straps that fit very much like a backpack that distributes the weight much more evenly so I decided to buy one while we were still in Oregon. Plus they have legs that fold out when you set the bag down. My old bag didn’t have them so it would get laid on the ground. Besides, my old bag was about 15 years old and looking pretty shabby and some of the zippers were broken. And it was very heavy compared to the bag I bought to replaces it.


Diane opted to stick with her current bag and to keep renting pull carts. Carrying is not her thing and that’s fine.

Here is a link there website.

After Fiddlers Green we headed to Guaranty RV. Our friends Rich and Chris are toying with the idea of trading in their current class A motorhome for something small so we figured we would see what might be sitting around that might interest them.

As it turns out there were having a customer appreciation BBQ so we lucked out and got a couple complimentary burgers and drinks. See, good deeds sometimes come with rewards LOL!! There was a table set up manned by folks from a local farm selling apples and pears so we also took advantage of that while there.

By then it was 12:30 and we headed to the RV Corral to check on the coach. It was just sitting out back with the air-conditioner running to make sure everything was working correctly by that time.

So I signed a few papers (it was covered by warranty), they pulled the rig around and we headed back to our RV Park. I stopped on the way and filled with fuel so that when Wednesday rolls around we can just drive away to our next location.


Saturday 10/11 we woke to rain!!! OH NO, we have hung around Oregon to long and got caught LOL!!!

Oh well, it stopped by noon and we had no real plans anyway. The only thing we did was take a drive in the countryside and went to Jerry’s (A fantastic hardware store) to pick up a new 25’ piece of cable line. I broke the end off ours a few months ago and hadn’t replaced it yet.

And to be honest, other than evening walk the trip to the hardware store was about the highlight of our day LOL!! And that’s ok.

Oh, we did give some thought to where we would head next and decided on Sisters Oregon. We made reservations at the Sisters/Bend RV Garden RV Resort for a week stating next Wednesday. Then we will start heading south for the winter.

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3 Responses to Cascades Raptor Center, A new air-conditioner and a visit to Fiddlers Green golf shop

  1. We love to visit similar birds of prey places. They had a very knowledgeable staff and quite a demonstration at the Sonoran Desert Museum (just south of Tucson) if you ever get down that direction.
    I hope you got that AC unit fixed for good this time. You could head down towards Yuma. It’s supposed to be 98 degrees today. LOL

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We visited the Sonoran Desert Museum in the winter of 2012 while staying a few days in Tucson. The free flight area was the best we have run across so far. Heck, I would like to visit there again if in the area.
      I think we will travel slow enough to hopefully miss the 90 degree weather, you can enjoy that for us LOL!!

  2. The Sewee Bird of Prey Center is near us here in South Carolina. We love to visit and their flight demonstration is amazing!! I admire the dedication these volunteers have to providing education about the birds and the hazards they face in the human world. Their loving and constant care to the injured birds is admirable.

    Glad to hear the air condtioner purring:o))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails….

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