A good month for data plans and still waiting on our air-conditioner

Once again Sunday was mostly a football day so there isn’t much to report. Instead I will bring up the data topic again.

If you remember a few months ago we spoke about switching our data portion of our Verizon plan over to Millenicom in order to increase the data we have available and save a few dollars at the same time.

And then Millenicom had a 30% price increase right as I was about to pull the trigger and had me second guessing. About the same time we started staying at RV parks that had pretty good Wi-Fi available which made the topic get pushed even further to the back of my mind.

So many times my procrastination works against me but maybe, just maybe in worked in my favor this time because the pretty interesting things are happening in the data world again.

Instead of trying to explain it myself I will simply refer you to the Wheelingit blog. Nina always does a great job at explaining this type of thing. Here is the link.


And if you are the type of person that REALLY wants to get all of the deepest and probably the most up to date info concerning this topic I am told that the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center is the place to find it. I will share a link for them as well. http://www.rvmobileinternet.com/blog

Our data plan refreshes each month on the 26th so at this point I think we will be making a change to our plan then. Because at that time we will be headed to areas for the winter that will be less likely to have free Wi-Fi available and with the new toy I’m sure we will be using more data than we have been the last couple years. With luck we will be able to do that and not spend much more on our phone and internet bill. We have a budget you know!! LOL!! Wait, that’s not funny.

In the meantime we are still waiting for our new air-conditioner and even though we were told it was due on Tuesday we are holding a glimmer of hope that we might get a call on Monday saying it arrived. We would love to be on our way by mid-week. Even though we still have not really decided which way we will go, to the coast and slide down the coast into California and then over towards Arizona OR east towards Bend and Sisters and then south.

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1 Response to A good month for data plans and still waiting on our air-conditioner

  1. Thanks, Dave. This is good stuff. We had already read Wheeling It’s post, but you put us onto the revinternet blog that we haven’t seen before. Thanks. Hope your AC arrives soon. BTW, where do you plan to spend the winter? We plan to spend this winter in FL. Any good campground suggestions? We would like to spend time on both coasts, maybe a week in the Keys and are not averse to a good campground or 2 between the 2 coasts. Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

    Bruce and Melissa

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