The countdown has begun

The countdown has begun!! In less than a week we will be on the road again, Oct 1st in fact. And all of a sudden the David Bowie song comes to mind.

Ground Control to Major Tom, Take your protein pills and put your helmet on, Ground Control to Major Tom (Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six), Commencing countdown engines on (Five, Four, Three), Check ignition and may God’s love be with you (Two, One, Liftoff) !!

Sorry, I’m not even a fan of the song but I just had to do that because it sort of fits.

Our countdown has consisted of making sure we have bought anything we consider “expensive” that we think we might need over the next few months while we are still in Oregon to avoid that darn sales tax found in most states (I hate paying sales tax LOL!!). We have made sure our freezer is filled to the gill’s, we are getting together with friends for the last time until we return again sometime around June of 2015 and I have already gone around the coach and adjusted all of the air pressures and I re-generated the water softener and changed filters. And I did an oil change and rotated the tires on the Jeep.

As far as the air pressure thing, I can tell I’m ready to hit the road again because I wouldn’t normally be messing with that until the day before our departure. But now with the new monitoring system I will just need to flip the switch on departure day and look at the screen so I don’t feel like I have gotten ahead of myself.

I was able to turn what should have been a 10 or 15 min. job into a much longer job because as I was taking the sensor off the valve stem for the driver side inner dual I spun the valve stem extender out,, geezzz. And of course it was located at 11 o’clock and there was no way I could get my arm up in there to put it back on without starting the engine, lifting the jack and letting the suspension air up. And of course during all of that it decided to have a little cloud burst, why not LOL!!

We still need to wash and detail Diane’s Prius and my trike and fill the tanks as well as add Stable before they make their way to storage probably on Monday. And I have an 8am appointment Monday to take the Jeep in for a recall. It seems they will replace a power steering line and check a couple lines going to the transmission. They say that will be a 2 or 3 hour job. Better get it done.

Friday 9/26 we had a small gathering of 11 friends get together at the Becan Hill Restaurant for lunch. We got together at 11:30 and I think we finally all slipped away about 2:30. We had a great time and it gave us a chance to say our, see ya latters.


Saturday afternoon 9/27 about 4:30 Diane and I decided on the spur of the moment to take a drive to 7 Feathers Casino. The last time we stayed there we left without cashing in one of our tickets from the slot machines so it was a good excuse to go back so we could cash it in. Of course we ended up losing that money plus another twenty or so but we had a good time.

I think I will wash the trike on Sunday along with watching football and with luck we will get together with an old co-worker and friend “Troy” on Monday (his day of) for a late breakfast or lunch for the last time before leaving the area.

Roger & Lynn who we meet in Florida will be landing at the Valley of the Rogue State Park on Tuesday the 30th. And because we will be leaving early on the 1st it’s almost like 2 ships passing in the middle of the night. But depending on timing we will at least try to run out and say hello.

We have started watching the weather forecasts and looking at the map to figure out just which way we will head once we finish up with our air-conditioner fix in Eugene. At this point it’s still a coin toss.

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7 Responses to The countdown has begun

  1. Dave, don’t worry about catching us at Rogue…if not there then for sure somewhere in AZ! We’ve got a service appointment in Medford at Triple A RV for the Hydro-hot. Still leaking so, fingers crossed! Good luck with your AC too…Roger

  2. Safe Travels and Happy Trails… Hope this winter is a blast. You deserve it after last winter!!! Hey, we will be in Florida if you ever decide to venture into that state again;o))

    • Dave & Diane says:

      FLORIDA!!! Well er um,,,, just kidding. We certainly plan to go to Florida again in the future. Way to much we missed by being stuck at Lazy Days. But not for a couple years I’m sure.

  3. colibabas says:

    Safe travels guys. We head for the Oregon coast on the 6th. Hope our paths cross somewhere. 🙂

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Have a great time at the coast, who knows we may head that way as well. We are held up in Eugene now waiting on a new AC unit for a week. I’m sure you guys will be in Q again this year right??

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