A sample of the new TOY

I know this isn’t much of an update but I wanted to share a little something I put together after Diane and I took the new TOY out for a little fly time along the Rogue River.

We stopped at 4 different locations and flew a little at each. The software that I’m familiar with for editing seems to have acquired a problem so I had to download a freeware version which of course really messed up my computer (GO FIGURE) so I stayed up until almost midnight last night trying to figure it out but couldn’t, which of course effected my sleep.

But this morning my mind was fresh and after a couple hours my computer is almost back to normal and I was able to put this together.

Just doing this video I have figured out a few things I need to do better.

#1, don’t video into the sun

#2, don’t pan so fast

#3, don’t focus on one area so long unless something is going on

#4, Keep my ugly mug out of the picture !!!

Anyway, here is a sample of what the new TOY can do.

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7 Responses to A sample of the new TOY

  1. Stop it Dave. Everytime I see one of these videos it makes me want to get a quad.

  2. Dave & Diane says:

    Isn’t it the truth!!! And after a person gets used to flying and really learns how to edit,,,, man,,, some people really put out some good stuff.
    But you either just need to stop watching video’s or save some time agonizing over it and order up LOL!!!

  3. Richard King says:

    Damn it, Dave, Steve just posted my comment in almost the exact words. In round numbers, how much did the quad and camera cost? You need to avoid us in Quartzsite in January, because my wife will be looking for you!!!!

    Great video editing for just getting started.

    Congratulations on a good move!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Well would she be looking for me because she is interested OR because she wants to kill me for putting ideas in your head? LOL!!
      You can get into a Phantom 1 with a stationary GoPro mount for as little as $479 and then add the price of whatever GoPro you want.
      Or you can get into the Phantom 2 with a Gimbal that you can control from the ground and tilt the camera as well as have a very steady picture for around $959 plus the cost of a GoPro 3.
      Then of course you will probably want to ad a feature so you can see in a monitor just what you are capturing on film and of course 1 battery will never due and by the time you are done you will be close to $2000.
      But you will be carrying your $2000 setup in a brown box so you will want to spend some $$$ on some type of case LOL!! I opted for a backpack type made just for the phantom with laser cut out foam inside to protect the investment and so I can take it along on hikes.
      I’m sure you get the idea LOL!!
      We do plan on being in Q off and on this winter so we just may see you in January!! But we have not heard if the Happening was going to be held for sure this year,, have you?

  4. Richard King says:

    Ruff and I plan to meet up and will post our location. “Ricci” has also said that he will be there, so I think it will happen, but not much in the way of planned events…….. just a bunch of rigs meeting up in the desert! I am sure about another 10 rigs will show up.

  5. Dave would you recommend any place in particular to deal with when buying the Phantom? I know the GoPro can be bought all over the place. Where did you purchase the viewing monitor?

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Ohhhh, do I hear the cogs turning!!
      From what I have found if I was to order off-line I would buy from one of these guys.
      B&H Photo has a great word of mouth on the Phantom forum concerning customer service and the DSL Pro guys have some great packages. I would have a hard time picking between the two but because the DSL Pro guys use a better aftermarket controller in some of their packages I might go with them. Hard choice. Heck you could even buy from Amazon.
      The transmitter and monitor came in the package I ordered. The monitor is a Black Diamond. You can also do goggles.

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