Travel day to Fairview Oregon

Saturday 7/12/14 was our last day at Seven Feathers RV Resort. After a leisurely morning we went to downtown Canyonville and walked around for a bit. There really wasn’t much to spend time looking at so we mixed in a short drive in the country and then headed home.

We chilled until around 5pm and then headed to the casino for dinner and of course a little more gambling. We didn’t have the luck we had the night before but after our 2 days we ended up completely even after gaming and our meals. We will call that a win.

Our friends Jim and Joanna, who live in Grants Pass, were in Canyonville visiting Jim’s mom and came by to visit with us as well while in the area. We sat outside and had a nice chat until around 9pm when they hit the road for their 45 min. drive back home. Jim had to work Sunday so didn’t want to have a late night.

Sunday morning 7/13/14 was a travel day for us. We had 220 mile’s to drive to reach what will be our new home for 2 weeks (Fairview RV Park) just outside of Portland, Oregon.

We chose to bring Diane’s Prius along with us as well as the Jeep so we both would have transportation while in Portland. Diane plans to spend the bulk of her time with family and even though I love her family I can only do so much sitting around before I get antsy and need to do something. Plus I need to meet with the mobile Aqua-Hot tech while here and have some friends in the area to look up as well. I don’t think we would want to travel with 2 cars all the time but they will come in handy this trip.

Diane was born and raised in Portland and I spent many of my working years here as well so we both had many ties to the area. And I had always been a pretty, steady as you go, type guy most of my life. You know,, stay at the same job, don’t move around much and all. (That’s seems funny to say now with our current life style). And Diane was very much the same so when I had a chance to move up in the company I was working for by moving to Grants Pass it was a really big thing for us. But we decided to pick up and move to Grants Pass anyway.

Part of the reason for our decision was to get away from the crowded city life with all of its traffic and the wet and dreary weather that Portland is so well known for. Well guess what??? We had a welcoming committee that consisted of rain and way too much traffic.

IMG_0268 IMG_0271

After I don’t know how many miles of 0 to10mph traffic on a 3 lane freeway we finally did get moving and made it to our new home. Other than a trip to the store we pretty much chilled the rest of the day. Monday we will start visiting family and friends, let the good times roll.

Diane’s sister and a nephews will be flying in on Wednesday from Ca. to join in. It should be a great time.

And Karen and Bob are camped here in the same park also. The last time we saw them was in Williams Arizona in May. You may remember the pictures from Bedrock LOL!! I’m sure we will be running into them on Monday.

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