New newest on our generator “Adventure”

Here is an update on our generator “adventure”.

We were told they would start work on it at 10am but we were up and ready to vacate much earlier just in case they could start earlier. And it’s a good thing because at 8:45 they came to the coach and said they had a guy that could start on it right away.

We gathered a couple things, put in the slides, lifted the jack’s, unhooked the power, handed over the keys and let them have at it while we headed into town to kill a few hours.

The 1st thing on my agenda was to head to Harbor Freight but somehow got sidetracked and we ended up at the mall looking for a new bedding and sunglasses for Diane. Now how did that happen LOL!!!

After a couple hours at the mall we finally headed towards Harbor Freight where I got sweet revenge for being drug along on a rip roaring bout of “bedding shopping”. Which by the way was fruitless LOL!!!

By the time we left Harbor Freight it was 1PM so I decided to head back over to Cummins NW to check on the progress. As we pulled up we noticed the coach was not sitting where it was when we left. As we drove around to the rear of the building we saw it being back into the spot with spent the night.

I figured that could either be really good OR really bad because that was well ahead of the time they figured it would take to fix it. As it turned out is was very good!!!

I approached the tech as he exited the coach and he said the issue was fixed and he didn’t need to pull the generator out to make the repair. The tech that looked at it the prior day and said it would need to be pulled wasn’t as experienced it seems so waiting over night to get the right person on the job was well worth it in my book.

It seems there is an elbow that that passed through a lining of the generator that when installed wasn’t tightened down and no pipe dope was used as well which allowed fuel to pass through causing the leak. It must have been just tight enough when we took delivery to not leak but loosened up as we started our travels. And to top it off it was covered under warranty!!

So I went inside and took care took care of the paperwork and thanked them for a job well done and we were off once again.

Even though we were paid up through Saturday night at Jacks Landing we decided to just move up the road and spend a couple nights at Seven Feathers Casino RV Park before heading up to Portland for two weeks. And because we were paid up through Saturday night I left my Jeep parked there while having the generator worked on so we headed there to pick it up and square up on the electric before moving on.

For the record the wet spot you see is from the dash air, not diesel.

For the record the wet spot you see is from the dash air, not diesel.

We didn’t have reservations at Seven Feathers so we just took a chance that they would have a spot on we just barely got lucky and got the last spot available. In fact Diane overheard someone that was obviously in charge chewing a little butt of the girls working the front desk saying that they over booked. It seems he wasn’t very happy about that, and rightfully so I guess.


After getting settled and relaxing a while we realized it was 6pm and we hadn’t even had lunch so we headed down to the casino for a bite to eat. And of course a little gaming.


The food was ok but the gambling was better. Even though I ended up $20 down for the night Diane ended up being $100 up. So after our $20 dinner and my $20 lose we left the casino $60 to the good.

All in all a pretty successful day I would say.

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2 Responses to New newest on our generator “Adventure”

  1. Well that’s great news about the generator “Adventure”… It was time for you to get a brake!!

    Yep, most times we can control what happens to us, we can only control how we choose to react to it;o))

  2. See, getting the generator fixed in a timely manner should have been a sign to you that the gambling session would be positive as well. LOL

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