A fun day having the generator looked at.

Ok, let me tell you about another little issue we have been dealing with.

Somewhere along our way from Florida to Oregon I noticed that a little fluid had gathered on the wheel well right behind the passenger side front tire and made some dirty markings. You know the ones.

At first I thought very little of it and just cleaned it off. Well it kept happening. Not enough to be overly alarmed and I couldn’t see where it was coming from so I just kept an eye on it to see if got any worse.

And it didn’t get any worse until while camping at the Valley of the Rouge state park the power went out and we needed to run the generator a little to power the air conditioning. That’s when I noticed drips coming from under the generator compartment.

The drips were not bad but any drip is too much. So after some crawling around and not being able to see anything obvious like a hose clamp or something simple I contacted Cummins NW in Medford and made an appointment to have it looked at.

Getting ready to pull in for our appointment

Getting ready to pull in for our appointment

So Thursday morning 7/10 we lifted our jacks and I drove the rig 30 miles to Medford for an 8am appointment. Diane opted to take Jack over to Rich and Chris’s so Jack and Felix could play and I could deal with the generator issue.


They jumped right on it and I had high hopes that it still might just be a loose something or another and I would be on my merry way in just a short while….. BUT NOOOOOOO!!!! What the heck could I have been thinking!!! Has ANYTHING been simple as far as dealing with motorhome stuff goes lately. (And our 1st year on the road went so well. Maybe we should have kept our old 07 and been happy.)

After about an hour and a half I was informed they found the leak. It seemed to be an electronic unit that pulls fuel from the motorhome fuel tank to the generator that was leaking. I was happy they found the leak BUT the problem is that either Tiffin or Freightliner designed the slides that allow the generator to be pulled out to be placed right in front of the access panel that they need to get into. So the generator needs to be pulled out of the motorhome completely so they can do the repairs. Perfect.

And of course they were short-handed so they couldn’t do it until Friday morning. So we camped on their side lot for the night. At least they have 50 amp available and I planned for the worst and came with a ¾ tank of fresh water. Maybe that’s what jinxed it LOL!

Our campsite for at least 1 night.

Our campsite for at least 1 night.

They say it’s a 4 to 5 hour job and they will start on it at 10am. Because it’s Friday and they are closed on the weekends I sure hope it goes smooth. Oh boy,,,, what am I saying LOL!!!! I can almost see a adventure filled weekend parked here in a gravel lot lurking around the corner.

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12 Responses to A fun day having the generator looked at.

  1. Nan & John says:

    Sorry about your problem. Tis life in a motorhome. Just like sticks and bricks, things happen.

  2. Perhaps if you refer to these “little issues” as “little adventures” it won’t seem quite so annoying;o)) Really, we are sorry to hear you are having another little adventure. Hope this one is short lived!!!

  3. Darn Dave, another “adventure”. Hopefully they’ll be able to get it fixed within one day. We’re pulling for you guys.

  4. debbiemc14 says:

    Fingers crossed for a quick fix!

  5. Rich & Chris says:

    Have them do a good job so when I take the MH over from you, it will be in tip top shape

  6. In suspense…where are you spending the weekend!?!

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