2 weeks here at the Valley of the Rouge sure flew by.

We will do a short update to let people know we are still kickin LOL!!

In our last update we mentioned Rich and Chris were camped with us at the Valley of the Rouge State Park. They have since left but we had a great time catching up around the camp fire.

We even tried a new version s’mores that Chris heard about. It was s’mores in a cone. You fill an ice cream cone with mini marshmallows and chocolate, wrap it in foil and toss them on the fire for 6 min.

Ice-cream cones filled with marshmallows and chocolate wrapped in foil.

Ice-cream cones filled with marshmallows and chocolate wrapped in foil.

A new twist on s'mores.

A new twist on s’mores.

It was a fun twist on things but I think the original s’mores are a bit better.

Jack and Felix had a good time together as well. Even though Diane and I hated to see Rich and Chris leave I think Jack was even sadder to see Felix leave. After they vacated there spot another RV took its place a couple hours later and Jack watched very attentively. I think he was waiting for Felix to jump out and come play LOL!!


We did go over to Rich and Chris’s house to visit and see their new screen room addition. Even though I didn’t get any pictures you will have to take my word for it that it is a piece of art!! Very very nice and I know they will get many hours of enjoyment from it.

That's Felix coming towards you. He's a tall boy!!

That’s Felix coming towards you. He’s a tall boy!!

It also gave Jack a chance to romp freely with Felix in his yard. I think that’s one thing Jack really misses, a big yard to run and play in. We had 5 acres with our last home and Jack of course was free to roam. Now he spends most of his time on the end of a leash when not in the RV unless we find a field or park to let him run now and again.

Jack's lovin Rich & Chris's yard

Jack’s lovin Rich & Chris’s yard

We also had a small get together of a few friends for lunch one day and friends have been popping in and out at the campground for visits which has been nice. We hadn’t seen any of them for 19 months and it has been great catching up. I took some pictures but as it turns out my little camera developed a glitch that I wasn’t aware of so very few of them really took.

And we got together with the Jeep club we belong to in the area. They had a gathering at the Medford DQ and about 30 jeeps showed up I would guess. Because we had been gone so long we didn’t know many of the members but had a great time meeting the ones we could and our good friends Bonnie and Maurice showed up. Once again my little camera was on the blink so no pictures!!! (This needs to be remedied, and quick!!)

We also got Diane in for a checkup at the Dr. Everything looked good and are just waiting for test results now. And took care of a few other things that needed attended to that would bore you to death so we will spare you LOL!! I only wish WE could have been spared!!

The transaction on the piece of land we own is also moving along. The appraisal and well flow test and water purity test have all been completed and everything is falling into place. It’s still scheduled to close on June 25th.

And we are back whittling away at all of our THINGS in storage. Chris read our blog a few weeks ago when I went on my rant about “THINGS, what’s really important” so when they showed up for a visit she gave us a nice wall hanging that fits right in. We have not hung it yet but do have a spot picked out. THANKS CHRIS !!! Oh, here is a link to the THINGS post in case you missed it or are interested. https://daveanddiane.wordpress.com/2014/05/28/things-whats-really-important-in-life/


I think we are getting a pretty good handle on what we need to get rid of “Things” wise to make the space needed for the car and trike so the pressure is lifting a little. And Diane mentioned a consignment store where we could take a couple of the larger more expensive pieces in case they don’t sell while we are in the area. And we have a bunch of stuff to take to our friends (Coleen) garage sale. That should be a party LOL!!! And we are on a first name basis with the people at the local Good-Will now LOL!!

We have stayed busy and had some good times so far while here. And the first 2 weeks have flown by. In fact it’s time to pack up, lift jacks and leave the Valley of the Rouge State Park and head to a RV park in Grants Pass where we will spend the next 30 days.


We have mixed emotions. We really enjoy the state park but every time we drive to the storage unit it’s a 65 mile round trip. Plus most of our appointments are in Grants Pass which is roughly a 50 mile round trip so we figure it just makes sense to head to Jacks Landing that is more in town. And don’t get me wrong, it’s a fine park, and probably the nicest in the area as far as private parks but not the type of place we would normally plan to stay a month.

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4 Responses to 2 weeks here at the Valley of the Rouge sure flew by.

  1. The Goldens really look like their are having a great time together. We hope that your sale goes through without any complications.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Thanks Steve, things are moving right along on the property. Should close within 2 weeks and it will be one less “THING” we have LOL!!
      Yep, those two dogs were having fun. And we had fun watching them.

  2. WOW, you two have sure accomplish so much and still found time to catch up with friends!! The stuff will get done eventually, but spending time with friends is priceless:o))

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