Our stay in the Sparks / Reno Nevada area.

I guess we had better catch up on the blog.

Our stay here in Sparks has served its purpose. It got us past the holiday weekend and gave us a chance to kick around in our old stomping grounds a little.

I think we mentioned before that we have been to the Reno area many many times in the past for various reason. But many times were just for a party weekend. We are far from the partiers we were at one time LOL!! The party all day, get a couple hours sleep and party all night days are long gone I’m afraid. I guess that’s a good thing in its own way.

Oh, remember a couple updates back when we mentioned coming out ahead one evening while in Hawthorne?? Well as it turns out we were nothing more than curriers. Yep, we did nothing more than transport that money from Hawthorne Nevada and deposit it in Reno Nevada LOL!!! But that’s ok, we had a good time doing it. We ended up with a few hours gaming and a good buffet meal at the Atlantis with what WAS our winnings from Hawthorne.

There is a nice lake just down the road with a walking trail all the way around it that we visited a couple times. It’s obviously a very popular spot in the area, and for good reason.

20140526_193623 IMG_9948

And we spent a little time at the local Cabella’s and another sporting goods store called Scheels’s that is pretty comparable to Cabella’s. I really enjoy those stores but Diane, not so much LOL!!

The first day we went downtown Reno the place was pretty empty. Not much happening at all. Sort of what we had experienced the last time we were in town. Just not the exciting town it once was. Rather depressing when we think back to the times we once had here.

We took the short drive out to the Peppermill and the Atlantis and found some activity which was nice.

On our last day in town we headed back downtown because of a car show called Spring Fever Revival that was going on. It was hoppin. The streets were blocked off and lined with classic cars, a few vendors were scattered around and live music was playing in the streets. A nice way to remember Reno until we return again.

IMG_9963 IMG_9957 IMG_9955 IMG_9954

We will share a few pictures but I normally take WAY to many pictures of cars that I never seem to look at again. Far too many to share on the blog LOL!!

IMG_9969 IMG_9966 IMG_9965 IMG_9964IMG_9953

That’s Diane’s FAVORITE car!! And it’s for sale!! Come on Diane, lets go

We enjoyed our stay but it’s time to move on. I will admit that I am biting at the bit a little to get back to Grants Pass now that we are so close.

Sunday morning we will lift our jacks and move towards Oregon. We don’t have any reservations until June 3rd at a state park outside of Grants Pass so we will just wing it until then. Heck we just might make it all the way to Grants Pass on Sunday, or we might find a wide spot in the road and just pull over for a night or two, who knows. Because we will be traveling on a Sunday I’m sure we can find a spot someplace.

Whichever way it goes I know we will enjoy the journey. I have always loved the stretch of road between McCloud and Susanville. In fact I have teased that when I die I want my ashes spread along that area.

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