Travel day to Hawthorne Nevada, Long horn sheep, and a little casino time

Our last day in Boulder City went pretty much as we described in our last update. The only thing worth a short mention is the sight we saw.

I had gone down to fill up the Jeep before our travel day on Friday and afterwards took a side street to check out a small park I could see in the distance. As I was driving I saw 4 Longhorn Sheep grazing right by the sidewalk.


I took a picture with my phone and continued home where I showed Diane just what I saw. It was funny because we had just talked about how we spent hours driving around in the hills the day before and the only sheep we saw were on signs LOL!! And here I was driving through a neighborhood within the city limits and see sheep, what’s up with that!!

Well of course Diane wanted to jump in the Jeep and head out to see if they were still there, so we did. When we got to the park there were no sheep to be found so I continued our drive through the neighborhood just to see if they moved to an area close by but no luck.

As we exited the area I told Diane I would swing by the park one more time just in case and what do we see up on a hill, SHEEP!! About 30 of them!!

We counted 30 sheep in the herd. I wish I would have had the big camera with us.

We counted 30 sheep in the herd. I wish I would have had the big camera with us.

IMG_9912 IMG_9907

They looked so great up on the hill with Lake Mead in the background. I only wish I would have had my big camera with us and the zoom lens. Regardless it was a good end to our stay in Boulder City.


Friday morning 5/23/14 was a travel day. We had just under 400 miles to go and we had to drive through Las Vegas right off get go so we got an early start (for us) and was on the road at 7am.

There was only one spot in Vegas where the traffic bottle necked and slowed to a crawl for a very short while but after that I set the cruise at 65 and it stayed that way until we reached Hawthorne Nevada. Minus going through a couple small towns and a restroom stop.

We saw a lot of this on todays trip. Lots of straight open road.

We saw a lot of this on todays trip. Lots of straight open road.

Once we hit Hawthorne we filled the motorhome up with fuel and found our way to the Whiskey Flats Campground.

Snow capped mountains. We hadn't seen that view few a long time.

Snow capped mountains. We hadn’t seen that view few a long time.

This was our second stop when we hit the road back in November of 2012 so we pretty much knew what to expect. It’s a good spot to just chill for a couple days before moving on.

It almost had a funny feeling knowing this was one of our first stops after hitting the road back in 2012 and thinking back on how we felt then and how it almost feels like such a short time ago when it has really been just over 18 months that we were here. I will say again,, Time flies!!

Once settled in we had the remainder of our roast we made in the crock pot and after chilling a bit we decided to visit the small casino just up the road. We didn’t check it out the first time we stayed so we figured what the heck.

Our camp spot at Whiskey Flats.

Our camp spot at Whiskey Flats.

Right before we headed to the casino the phone rang, it was our real estate lady. As some of you may know, we sold our house & shop that sat on 5 acres back in July of 2012 when we went fulltime and right before we hit the road. But we still had a 5 acre piece of land that we developed enough to park our RV on until we hit the road in November.

When we hit the road we said if we didn’t like the fulltime life style at the end of one year of being on the road we would go back and build again on the 5 acres. But we LOVE the life style and decided to list the land. Well it turns out we have a real offer on the table with earnest money and everything LOL!! Now we just have to decide if we will accept the offer. We have until Tuesday to decide. .

We didn’t plan to stay long at the casino because we just knew it was going to be one of those smoke filled casino’s that would have us shedding our cloths and jumping in the shower as soon as we left LOL!!! So we each took a whole $20 bill and went on our separate ways, big spenders we are LOL!!

Some time had gone by and I was lucky enough to increase the value of my $20 bill to $135 but eventually cashed out at $100 and went in search of Diane. When I found her she had increased the value of her $20 to $27 and also decided to cash out. So we ended up $87 up on out little outing.

Then we headed home and,,,, Yep,,, stripped out of our smoke filled cloths and took a shower LOL!! Then kicked back the remainder of the evening.

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2 Responses to Travel day to Hawthorne Nevada, Long horn sheep, and a little casino time

  1. Well alrighty… winning at the casino, a workcamping gig we could enjoy:o)) How exciting to see all the Bighorn Sheep!!!

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