Final days in Santa Fe New Mexico

Our last couple days in Santa Fe were enjoyable. Friday the 10th we jumped in the Jeep and headed out in search of a road called Canyon Road. It was rated as one of the top things to see in in Santa Fe. And of course we want to see the must see’s!!

Before getting there Diane wanted to stop off at a couple consignment stores that she knew about. So while she walked around doing that I visited the Santuario de Guaoalupe.

IMG_9694 IMG_9696

The Santuarío was probably built in the latter part of the eighteenth century, although some accounts place its construction date much earlier. Of course it has had a few face lifts since then.

I also walked up to the Train Depot and had a look around and also found a place I thought would be good for lunch. It seemed to be the place the locals went to for Mexican food and that’s always a good sign.

See Diane over there!!?? She is headed towards Chico's with a mission in mind.

See Diane over there!!?? She is headed towards Chico’s with a mission in mind.

So once Diane had satisfied her shopping fix, once again without buying a single thing, we headed to the Tomasita’s Restaurant. The food was pretty good and I was reminded of that throughout the evening AND so was Diane LOL!!


After lunch it was just a short distance to Canyon Road and was pretty easy to find. It’s an area of town known for galleries.

The area stretches for maybe ½ mile along a narrow and mainly one way road with galleries of all sorts scattered all along it.


We found a place to park and walked up and down both sides taking in the sights. It’s filled with stuff that we MIGHT have allowed ourselves to buy when we were still working and had a chunk of land and home to showcase it. But it reality probably not and most certainly not now in our current life style LOL!!


I think Diane found herself a comfortable rock seat!! I don't think that can come along in the RV honey!!

I think Diane found herself a comfortable rock seat!! I don’t think that can come along in the RV honey!!

Who is your friend Diane??

Who is your friend Diane??


Even though DANG I wanted a small version of some of the wind sculptures we found at the Wiford Gallery.

I think we enjoyed the area more than what was IN the area. After walking gallery row we jumped back in the jeep and just drove. Turning here and there and worked our way as high as we could on the hillside. Just taking in the sights and scoping out the architecture.


One thing is for certain. If you lived here you would have to be ok with having things natural. Water restrictions are so stringent that you mainly build your home and let everything grow naturally around it. We couldn’t imagine turning the kids or pets out to play in fear of what they would be like when they came back inside. But that’s the clean freak part in me speaking. I’m not really that bad but it did cross our minds.

IMG_9722 IMG_9731 IMG_9724

Then it was time to make our way home and call it a day. And a pretty good day it was.


The last thing we wanted to do while in Santa Fe was t visit the Farmers Market. So Saturday after our morning routine (of course) we jumped in the Jeep and headed,,,, yes,,,, back towards downtown to where the market was help.


The market was full of fresh vegetable, baked good, herbs, jams, hand crafted items and even some live music playing in a couple areas. It was pretty festive.

IMG_9736 IMG_9737

The only thing we bought was some radishes that we had never heard of before AND a pretty darn good breakfast burrito for me. I hadn’t had a breakfast burrito since we hit the road 18 months ago that I can remember. And I love em!!

Right across the street from the Farmers Market was another area where local artisans were showing their crafts.


We wondered over to have a look see and just enjoyed the blue ski’s and perfect temperatures right along with everything else. It was a great start to the day.

Once we had seen everything we figured we would head home with a stop at Wal-Mart for some groceries and other necessities.

Sunday is scheduled to be a travel day and the winds are supposed to be pretty wicked by early afternoon in parts of New Mexico that we will be driving through so we plan to get an early start and hopefully get west into Arizona far enough to miss most of it. Gusts are supposed to reach 60mph and I don’t want to be on to road in that. We are going to be on the road early!!

It was a little cool and windy so Diane was trying to hide behind that pole. That's the dog park at Santa Fe Skies RV Park.

It was a little cool and windy so Diane was trying to hide behind that pole. That’s the dog park at Santa Fe Skies RV Park.

We had been thinking about going north through Colorado and then west but with the winter weather about to hit with some heavy snow in Colorado it was an easy decision to head west to a RV Park called Meteor Crater RV Park about 35 miles east of Flagstaff Arizona.

That will make for about a 350 mile travel day for us. And once again mainly on freeway but like I have been saying, we need to make good ground between stops so we can at least stop and smell the roses once we get there. Even though we only plan to stay there for 2 nights.

That should give us time to tour the Crater on Monday and then head on. I think that MIGHT be a short travel day however. More to come on that later.

We enjoyed our stay in Santa Fe and I could see us spending a couple weeks here again in the heat of the summer when things would be a little cooler at 7000 ft. But it will probably be a while before we commit to that. There are just too many other places to see first.

Wish us luck with the wind on Sunday!!

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5 Responses to Final days in Santa Fe New Mexico

  1. Your guys are really enjoying your travels. Not sure I could manage those water restrictions;o( We love farmer’s markets and hunt them down wherever we go!! Hope you miss the winds and if they come it is a tailwind:o))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails….

  2. colibabas says:

    Have fun at the crater. When we were there they clocked the winds at 80 mph! When I stepped out into the crater viewing area the wind took my breath away…weird sensation.
    Safe travels!

  3. It was terribly windy here in Cortez CO today, but luckily only rain and no snow. I was happy I wasn’t moving today.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Happy you avoided any snow. We certainly hit our share of wind and blowing dust but it could have been worse. We hit just a little rain twice but neither time lasted ling. BUt was happy to get off the road.

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