A tour of the LBJ Ranch


Sunday 5/4/14 after our morning routine we jumped in the Jeep and drove out to tour the LBJ (Lyndon B. Johnson). Also well known as the Texas Whitehouse because LBJ spent a little over 20% of his time while in office at the ranch.

IMG_9573 IMG_9574 IMG_9572

Once there we visited the visitor center and got our free pass and toured the small museum and then drove the short distance to the ranch.

IMG_3468 IMG_3469

The first thing we came to was the one room school house he attended. And here is a link to the schoolhouse. http://www.nps.gov/lyjo/planyourvisit/junctionschool.htm

IMG_3551 IMG_3549 IMG_3555 IMG_3556

After the schoolhouse we came upon a reconstruction of the house he was born in that was originally built in 1889 by his grandpa. And here is a link to the house.



From the house we came upon the family cemetery where he is buried on January 25, 1973. At this point we realized that his life came full circle right here within a couple mile radius. And his resting place is a darn ice one located in the country close to a river under the shade of some great old trees. Here is a link to the cemetery. http://www.nps.gov/lyjo/planyourvisit/johnsoncemetery.htm

Then we came across his grandparent’s home and took a driving tour around a good chunk of the land around the ranch stopping at the numerous signs reading about the ranch. He loved his ranch!

IMG_3561 IMG_3559

Then we came upon the hanger where Air Force One was kept. He had a runway right on the ranch so he could fly from there to Washington DC.

IMG_3564 IMG_3563 IMG_3566

We toured the hanger where there are a few of his old cars along with various memorabilia and a couple movies you could watch. And we bought our tickets that would get us on a guided tour of his ranch house. The tickets were $3 each and well worth it.

The tour was about 30 minutes long and very informative. Of course we couldn’t take any pictures inside but here is a link to check out. http://www.nps.gov/lyjo/planyourvisit/twh.htm

IMG_3577 IMG_3571 IMG_3570 IMG_9574

I don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican or indifferent you will enjoy the tour if in the area I’m sure. I left the political aspect out of the tour and focused on how he loved his Ranch and cattle and how he and his wife Lady Bird cared about the environment. And how his life came full circle right there where his roots where.

After the ranch we stopped at the Wild seed Farm and looked around for a bit before heading home. Here is a link to the Seed Farm. http://www.wildseedfarms.com/home.php


A little later in the evening we took one more drive through town. And being Sunday the place was pretty barren. I big change from the busy streets we experienced Friday and Saturday and we enjoyed the quite so much we stopped at the Clearwater Ice Cream shop and Bakery for a cone. We walked passed this place about 5 times while in town and was able to fight off the urge but we finally gave in LOL!!! And it was very much worth it. Here is a link. http://www.icecreamandfun.com/

Monday we will be leaving Fredericksburg but know we will be back in the area again to spend more time. I realize this update has a bunch of links but they do a much better job explaining what we have seen than I could EVER do. We hope you enjoy them.

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2 Responses to A tour of the LBJ Ranch

  1. Touring historical places like that is so much fun! Isn’t a weird to think that one day people might be walking through our houses marveling at the things we believe are so advanced?

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