A tour of San Jose Mission in San Antonio Texas

Tuesday morning 4/29/14 was another beautiful sun filled blue sky start to the day. And the temperature were supposed to be in the upper 80’s instead of the record setting upper 90’s like it has been the last couple days. And it held true with temps reaching 88 degree’s with a nice breeze all day and low humidity. Perfect!!

After our morning routine we jumped on bus # 42 at 8:59am and headed downtown. We had set up a time to sit through a 1 hour presentation at 10am in order to get a few free goodies like 2 day’s worth of tickets on the trolley, a $50 voucher good at many of the restaurants along the River Walk and tickets to ride up to the top of the Tower of America. A total value of around $125.

To be honest Diane and I sat through our last presentation like this many years ago in Las Vegas and swore we would NEVER do another but I guess the sting had finally worn off or we were feeling vulnerable when approached this time, I don’t know which but what the heck, $125 for 1 hour of our time now a days seems like a good wage LOL!!

The presentation was basicly to become members with a wholesale travel agency. And to be honest it didn’t sound like a bad deal if we were still traveling by plane and abroad. However with our current plans of traveling for a few more years fulltime in our RV it certainly didn’t make any sense for us to join.

The good thing is we were pleasantly surprised that it was far from a high pressure sale and we were on our way after 1 hour with our free goodies in hand as promised and headed to catch our jump on jump off free trolley!! The trolley makes several stops around town and makes a complete loop every hour.

IMG_9385 IMG_9390

We took the trolley from downtown out to the San Jose Mission and jumped off to check it out. Once there we were soon joined a 1 our guided tour which was very informative. But to be honest there were so many of those lounge rolling Spanish names and words being tossed out that I found it hard to follow LOL!! Diane however seemed to be grasping hold of everything being said and was doing her share of nodding and question asking so I figured it was well worth it. And he, I still walked away knowing far more about the mission than I knew when I got there.

IMG_9406 IMG_9407 IMG_9396

The Mission was founded in 1720 and was named for Saint Joseph and the Marqués de San Miguel de Aguayo, the governor of the Province of Coahuila and Texas at the time. It was built on the banks of the San Antonio River several miles to the south of the earlier mission, San Antonio de Valero (the Alamo).

IMG_9411 IMG_9415 IMG_9417

Known as the “Queen of the Missions”, it is the largest of the missions and was almost fully restored to its original design in the 1930s by the WPA (Works Projects Administration). Spanish missions were not churches, but communities, with the church the focus. Mission San José shows how all the missions might have looked over 250 years ago.  About 80% of the church is original.

IMG_9421 IMG_9427 IMG_9430

La Ventana de Rosa, the Rose Window, is located on the south wall of the church sacristy. The window has been described as the site where the Host was shown to gathered mission celebrants during the Feast of Pentecost.

IMG_9432 IMG_9434

The window has been the object of both legend and admiration. It is considered one of the finest examples of baroque architecture in North America. The meaning behind the name is currently unknown, but legend has it named for Rosa, the wife to be of Juan Huizar who many believe created the window. Rosa died before her and Juan were ever married.

IMG_9438 this 2 this 1 IMG_9439

After our guided tour we spent some time walking around the grounds before headed to the visitor center to catch a 20 minute movie about the mission.

Once we reached the visitor center we realized that we had a couple choice’s to make. If we stayed and watched the entire movie we would miss the next pickup by our trolley. So we would either leave the movie early to catch the trolley, watch the entire movie and wait another hour to catch the next trolley or walk the 2 miles from the mission to our campground and call it a day.

We ended up watching the entire movie and walked the 2 miles home. We figured by walking we would save about an hour by the time we took the trolley back downtown and caught a public transportation bus back home. And with the eating we have done the last couple days the walk would do us good LOL!!


It was a nice stroll home which was mainly along the San Antonio River.

By the time we got home it was well after 3 and we never had lunch, plus we had to go get Jack some dog food. I think we have mentioned before that we feed Jack The Taste of the Wild and it’s not a food you can just drive to the grocery store or Wal-Mart and find. It can only be found at some pet stores and feed stores so when we are within a couple weeks of running out we start using the mobile app to find a dealer and stock up.

After researching our next stop in Fredericksburg Texas we realized there isn’t any place to buy Jacks food there so we figured we better get it here in San Antonio while the getting is good and grab dinner while we were out. We ate at Nicha’s Camida Mexicana. That makes about 3 days of Mexican food in a row!! And it’s my least favorite food!! I guess Diane is getting even for all of the seafood places we have been eating at the last few weeks because Mexican food is her favorite.

Nicha’s Comida Mexicana has been serving Tex-Mex in San Antonio for more than 34 years so we figured that must mean something. And it did, it was actually pretty good,,,,, for Mexican food LOL!!

OH!!!! And we paid about $10 less for Jacks food than we have since we hit the east coast!!! It’s nice to be getting back towards the west coast where things are certainly cheaper. It’s been great touring the east coast but it will be nice to be back west for a while.

Wednesday (our last day in town for this trip) we plan to jump back on our trolley and continue our tour of more missions and other sites in San Antonio. As well as use our $50 FREE COUPON for food and tickets to ride up to the top of the Tower of the Americas.

Once we leave San Antonio it will be time to get back to the diet I think, no,, I KNOW!!

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