Travel day to San Antonio Texas

Sunday 4/27/14.. Another travel day. This is the first time since we hit the road in November of 2012 that we have only spent 1 night in a spot and moved on. Certainly not our way of traveling but it was bound to happen at some point. Now we can’t say we have never done that before LOL!!

We had another almost 300 mile travel day ahead of us with what could have been a bad weather front moving through later in the day AND we wanted to get through Houston Texas before traffic had a chance to build so I wanted to get a little earlier start than or normal 9am departures. So we managed an 8am departure LOL!!

Starting out in Beaumont we only had about 80 miles to go before hitting Houston so I wasn’t too worried but HOLY COW Houston is one big city!! I thought we were never going to get through it. It just kept going and going and going.


I’m glad we went through on a Sunday and I’m glad traffic wasn’t an issue. Even though we had our share of options and opportunities to make a wrong turn while cruising through we had absolutely no issues. We really like it when the lanes have the road markers painted in the lanes. It really helps. But I guess if it had been bumper to bumper traffic they would have been harder to see and use.


As it turned out Houston did not take the ranking of most stressful city we have ever driven through away from Oklahoma City. And we are happy for that.

And we were fortunate that we missed every bit of the bad weather that could have popped up. Except it was a little windy (But it IS Texas afterall). It was overcast most of the way which actually made it pleasant. But it was warm. In fact once we arrived in San Antonio and got all set up we found out that a new record high had been set. And the old record stood for over 100 years!!!

It seemed that everywhere we went last year we kept getting told that it was unusually cool for the periods we were there. I hope this record setting for high temp’s is not our new trend LOL!!

After 6 plus hours on the road and due to the high temps we decided to finish out our day by sticking around home and starting our tour of San Antonio Monday. But I did go for a bike ride. The park we are at now (Travelers World RV Park) is right next to part of the River Walk so I rode about 2 miles of it. But soon retreated back home to the comfort of the AC.

We did manage to walk across the street to a Mexican restaurant for dinner but that was about it for the day. Monday we will jump on a local transportation bus and head downtown to do the River Walk.

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One Response to Travel day to San Antonio Texas

  1. nan says:

    Soooo glad that you made it through Houston prior to the afternoon traffic! Riverwalk is a great experience. Enjoy.

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