We love it here at Bella Terra

Ok, I think we have pretty much rebounded from our time at Lazy Days. Between our stay at Eastpoint Florida and now our time at Bella Terra in Foley Alabama we feel refreshed.

I will admit that even though we don’t normally stay at resort settings like here at Bella Terra we are smitten with it. And If we had a few more years of traveling around the USA under our belts and IF we wanted to spend the money they ask for these lots and IF we wanted to spend a few months during the summer months in this area we would certainly consider a lot in Bella Terra.

The resort is just far enough outside of town to be peaceful yet close enough to be very convenient. And from what we have seen Foley has everything a person could want without being a huge city. Plus it is only ½ hour to some great beaches. And to top it off the resort is top notch and everyone is very friendly.

If and when the time comes we decide to slow down and stay in one spot during the winter months and we could find something like Bella Terra close to a town like Foley closer to the west coast like Texas or Arizona I think we would have some serious thinking to do. But we are not ready for that yet. I guess you can tell we really like it here.

But we will ALWAYS have to keep one very important perk of being a fulltime RVer in mind. If we don’t like our neighbor we can just pull in our slides, lift the jacks and drive away. Buying a lot might make us feel locked in.

Today 4-22 we will probably just enjoy the resort and maybe make a trip into town to visit a medical museum.

Regardless it is about time to leave the plush life here at Bella Terra and move on down the road. Tomorrow we head to New Orleans. We have reservation there from Wednesday to Saturday then we will head towards San AntonioTexas.

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3 Responses to We love it here at Bella Terra

  1. We echo your thoughts about purchasing a log anywhere at this time. We’ve visited several places where we lot that we would love to stay on a long and repeated basis, but decided against it at this time. Being that we are new FTers, there are just too many places we haven’t yet experienced in this beautiful country.

  2. nan says:

    Make it three of us who agree re: purchasing a lot at this time. Currently, we are at Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort in southern CA. Love it! But will move on the end of this week or next.

    We enjoyed N.O. – try to make it to the WW II Museum. We missed it and have heard over and over how great it is. There is a place that is famous for it’s baguettes…..(sorry, I forget the name)…you can’t miss it though…don’t miss it either.

    San Antonio is a great place. There we stayed at a COE RV campground and it was super. Made the 40 minute drive into SA worthwhile. Enjoy your time in both places.

  3. Great to read that you are putting your days at LDs behind you. We assume that also means you are very pleased with your new coach. Please let us know when you find places that find like Bella Terra close to a town like Foley and closer to the west coast like Texas or Arizona. We would very much like to find some good boondocking places in Arizona for next winter and we will be spending some time in Texas this fall. Enjoy the Big Easy.

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