Travel day to Foley Alabama and Bella Terra RV Resort

Wednesday 4-16-14 was another travel day. Oh it feels so good to be saying that LOL!!

We planned a 240 mile day from Coastline RV Resort in Eastpoint Florida to Bella Terra RV Resort in Foley Alabama. And we planned to take highway 98 all the way unless the small town traffic got to be too much then we would jump up to I-10.

The route on 98 kept us right on the coastline and traveled through towns like Port St. Joe, Callaway, Panama City, Santa Rosa Beach, Fort Walton Beach, Gulf Breeze and Pensacola, and Destin.


Highway 98 kept us along the coastline almost all day.

Highway 98 kept us along the coastline almost all day.

We had been warned that traffic through Destin could be a bear. And even though it was busy it wasn’t bad this time of year. We felt going through Pensacola was far worse than Destin. But it was worth the extra traffic to see the sights we did because we had never been through here before. BUT I think if we were to pass through again we would kit the freeway and bypass the traffic.

IMG_9141 IMG_9144 IMG_9151

About the time we were going through Destin we received a call from Bella Terra confirming we would be arriving today. During the conversation we told them we were in Destin. There comment was that we had about 3 hours left before getting there!!! WHAT!!! I had figured about 5 hours total for our drive and we had already been on the road close to 4 hours, how could that be!! But they were just plain wrong LOL!! But it did make us start checking our maps and notes for a minute.


The weather was great for travel and the coach drove like a dream. I’m really liking the way it handles. Even though I can tell the turning radius is a little less that we had in the 40’ we had before. But the tag axle and the extra torque is fantastic. And the Cummins is much quieter that the Cat we had.

Once we pulled into Bella Terra we checked in, paid for four nights and made our way to a pull in site with a view of the lake.

That's us over there

That’s us over there

This is a little more cost wise than we would normally like to pay but I say again, after what we have gone through the last 5 months I figure we deserve it for a while.

And even though we would prefer to be in a nice state park with more tree’s and separation between sites it IS a very nice park with very well maintained grounds,

The rear of the clubhouse and pool.

The rear of the clubhouse and pool.

Just half of the sitting area in the clubhouse

Just half of the sitting area in the clubhouse

A great clubhouse with weight room and sauna and you can schedule massages. And up until now we would have said the nicest bathrooms we have ran across were at Elephant Butte RV Park in New Mexico however we now must give bragging rights to Bella Terra. Hey, these things are important to rvers LOL!!


A very nice pool and hot tub.

Part of the pool.

Part of the pool.

And a great dog park for Jack.

Jack playing a little ball in the dog park at Bella Terra. OR is it Diane playing LOL!!

Jack playing a little ball in the dog park at Bella Terra. OR is it Diane playing LOL!!

We had planned to stay here only 4 nights but we are thinking about extending our stay to a week.

After our day we chilled at the campground all afternoon and evening enjoying the amenities. Finally we started yawning, looked up at the clock and it read 10:15 so we started getting ready for bed and then realized we had crossed a time zone and gained 1 hour during our day. LOL, Oh well we just headed to bed anyway where I soon fell asleep watching TV.

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7 Responses to Travel day to Foley Alabama and Bella Terra RV Resort

  1. nan says:

    Oops! I made a really LARGE mistake. I saw Bella Terra and was thinking of Rainbow Plantation, an Escapees park that does not match Escapees reputation for really nice parks. I am so pleased that you are in such a nice place.

    My dad was from Foley and the town holds special memories for me. Enjoy your stay.

  2. A very beautiful park. We’ve never been there, but had heard nice comments from many other Tiffin owners about the place. I think you guys deserve to spend some time in a nice place like this after the tribulations of the past few months.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      It is a very nice park. I think we could hang out I this area for a while if we had the time. But a week is about all we can spare and still not have to push to hard getting to Oregon by June.

  3. colibabas says:

    Looks like a very nice spot. Glad to hear you’re happy with your new home.
    Safe travels!

  4. Good choice to hole up for a week…you didn’t miss anything at the Plantation. Not much nearby. Lotta guts driving the new home thru that route Dave, but then you’ve got a lot more miles driving a MH under your belt than us! LOL
    Rolled into Nawlens yesterday and looking forward to visiting the French Quarter. “Laissez les bons temps rouler”(let the good times roll)…may use that as our moniker!
    Roger & Lynn

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Have a GREAT TIME in Nawlens LOL!! There is a good chance we will roll in there the middle of next week unless we skip it this time and catch it next year. I’ll be looking forward to your report on the area. How is the campground?

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