A struggle right to the wire!!

Holy crap, it’s been a struggle right down to the wire!!

Saturday morning our tech showed up at our rig around 9am and it only took about 20 minutes for him to adjust the awning. We thought WOW, things are going to be smooth today.

The best part of the day happened while Jeff was adjusting the awning when Jan & Lee Anne came by for a short visit. They didn’t stay long and unfortunately we didn’t get another chance during the day to track them down. But it was great seeing them again!!

After the awning was adjusted Jeff jumped on an issue we were having with our Aqua-Hot system. The system works on either electric or diesel or both at the same time. The electric side has been working flawlessly but the diesel side has a quirk.

If we turn on the switch for the diesel burner and a demand is created we can hear the motor running that primes the burner but when the burner kicks on it turns off the green light in the switch and the burner shuts off. BUT if I simply turn the switch off and right back on it will prime again and the burner will run. And it will run as long as we need it to have continues hot water or run the furnace.

But once it has done its job and the burner turns off it will sit in a idle state with the green light shining until the burner is called upon again at which time the motor kicks on to prime the burner but when the burner attempts to kick on the green light on the switch goes out and the burner will not ignite. I can then turn the switch off and right back on and the burner will work. And the circle continues.

Jeff switched out the main control board but nothing changed. Then he changed out the burner control board and it seemed to be better but still had the problem about every other time. He also took the entire burner and motor out but everything looked ok he said. By this time it was close to 3:30PM.

I decided to have him simply button it up and we would deal with it once we get back to Oregon and settled in someplace and we can find an Aqua-Hot service to look at it. We don’t plan to be in cold weather were the diesel side will be needed until next winter and the electrical side of it normally takes care of our needs. And it will be under warranty. Being Saturday there was no one at Aqua-Hot to call and we were not about to stick around until Monday to contact them which would mean staying at least until Tuesday and who knows how much longer. NO WAY!!

We are not done yet!! While he was switching the control boards back out he touched a couple wires together by accident and blew a fuse. Simple fix you say?? Well you would think but remember it’s OUR rig we are talking about, NOTHING is simple LOL!!.

You would think all of the fuses would be grouped together in 3 or 4 places around the coach but OH NO,,, the fuse to the Aqua-Hot is nowhere to be found. We traced wires the best we could but that’s not easy in the rats nest of wires in a motorhome. We found in-line fuses everywhere but not the right one. We even opened trap doors to look in places that the average Joe would not even think to look but no luck. After over an hour of searching my heart was sinking and of course there was no one at Tiffin to call on a Saturday to ask.

Jeff called his supervisor who also came up to join in the search. At one point I found my patio chair and sat down thinking how we would probably be staying until Monday or Tuesday after all. Geeezzzzzz!! Can NOTHING GO RIGHT!!!!

Well while sitting there my day’s on the farm started kicking in along with my poor man fixes I had to do most of my life and I said,, What would I do if we were stranded someplace with this problem? Well the answer is easy, I would run another hot wire and say to heck with the wire I couldn’t find of course.

I almost dreaded mentioning my idea to the techs figuring they would want to do things by the book but it was already after 5 and I think that’s part of why they thought it was a good idea LOL!!!

I jumped on the internet and found the installation manual for the Aqua-Hot system with one of the techs looking over my shoulder and we found what amp fuse it took which also enabled us to figure out what wire size we needed and they were off to grab parts!!

It didn’t take long to run the new wire and things were working once again. I will contact Tiffin and find out where that darn fuse is next week and once I change it I will disconnect our temporary wire.

It was pushing 6pm by that time, so much for an easy stress free day. I said my thanks to Jeff, slipped a little something in his shirt pocket and we were once again on track for a Sunday departure.

By that time Diane and I decided to go out for dinner instead of making something so off to Cracker Barrel we went.

I forgot to mention that at some point during the day when I had the warm and fuzzy feeling about our progress during the day (before the fuse issue) I made reservations 300 miles away near Carrabella Florida for 3 nights starting Sunday night.

So once we got home from dinner I loaded the bikes on the Jeep, took a shower and printed out our directions to Coastline RV Resort in Eastpoint Florida.

We have our exit pass in hand to get passed the guard shack and our temporary plate on the coach so we are ready to go!!! I hope to be hooked up and on the road by 8am. It’s time to blow this joint. What a long haul it’s been!

I almost hate to think about this nice guy we meet a few weeks back, in fact he was our neighbor here for a while. Him and his wife were stuck here for a while as well and right as he FINALLY got his rig all fixed he was hooking up his tow car and had a massive heart attack right there in front on the service bays and could not be revived. We feel bad for his wife and family and I’m sure I will be thinking of him as I’m hooking up in the morning. Sad story, sorry.

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13 Responses to A struggle right to the wire!!

  1. debbiemc14 says:

    Well, I’m happy to hear you’ll be on your way! Hopefully no surprises and soon you’ll be in Florida!

  2. Maurice Heath says:

    Congratulations, it reminds me of the night we waited for Rob Smith to finish things. I hope all goes well on your maiden voyage.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      LOL!!! I remember waiting for Rob to finish the sandrail. It must have been midnight before we reached the dunes that night. But it was worth it! I’m sure this will be the same feeling. See ya soon!

  3. Safe driving today, Dave and Dianne. 83 minutes and you should be on the road. No heart attacks.

    Bruce and Melissa

  4. The next thing I want to see is a picture of you and Diane enjoying a nice glass of wine at Coastline RV Resort!!! We stayed at St. George SP across the causeway from East Port…pretty place. The ride along the Gulf Coast is lovely…ENJOY!!!

  5. Go forth brave road warriors! Wow, another one bites the dust at LazyDays…glad that you two were able to handle the stress with such plumb. I’m sure that venting on your blog has helped. It sure makes for an interesting read and mandatory reading for anyone considering buying a new rig! We’re also moving this a.m. to the SKP park in AL.

  6. Lar says:

    Glad for you guys……FINALLY!!!!!! The road is really going to look great from your new windshield. By the way, please send me your cell number, can’t seem to find it, wanted to search your brain some on Nashville and Memphis, we are heading out Tuesday am.

  7. Jim and Beth says:

    Dave and Diane, We are glade to see that you are finally leaving!!!! Hope that with all the crown-club meals, you can still get behind the wheel!!!! Hopfully we will see ya again sometime, somewhere else. Jim, Beth and Jr

    • Jim and Beth says:

      Dave and Diane, We are glade to see that you are finally leaving!!!! Hope that with all the crown-club meals, you can still get behind the wheel!!!! Hopfully we will see ya again sometime, somewhere else. Jim, Beth and Jr

      • Dave & Diane says:

        Thanks guys. I’m sure we will run into each other at some point down the road. And with the moving pedals I was able to STILL fit behind the wheel LOL!!

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