Little by little

Wednesday about 9am I went in search of our service advisor. When I found him he said a tech was on his way to our coach to check the awning.

About 20 min. later he showed up and within 15 min. decided the awning motor had died and he would need to order one. He made mention that if it was in stock they would next day air it but if one was not in stock it would need to be built.

Normally I would say that the awning is just like the awnings on thousands of coaches and they are still being used on new coaches so it would HAVE to be in stock. BUT with our luck lately I would not have bet a single dollar on it holding true for us LOL!!! I do wish someone could have broken away for 15 minutes yesterday to decide this so we could have saved a day of the ordering process.

A short time later a couple techs came by and zip-tied the awning shut so the coach could be taken to detail for a full body buff. We hope that should be done by early afternoon on Thursday.

We also found out that Lazy Days happened to have the motor needed for our awning IN STOCK!! So it didn’t need to be ordered at all!! WOW, something went right for a change. I just hope it is the motor and not some other oddball thing.

With some luck we might, just might be down to only having a night shade to fix and the leaking window and moving our mattress and Lazy Boy over along with the rest of our personal belongings.

Diane took advantage of the day and took Jack in for a bath and a little grooming. He is a good looking and smelling dog once again. All ready to move into his new home. He hasn’t been in the new coach yet.

We are starting to think about a Sunday departure. I have started looking at just what parts of the Gulf Coast we for sure want to see. We originally had about 10 stops planned but with our being held up it has cut deep into the time we have to spend in the area and still achieve our goal of being in Oregon by June. In fact our first day on the road might be a 300 mile day. We have not had a day that long since the very first day we hit the road in Nov. of 2012.

It’s been over a year since we felt we had to be someplace at a certain time. I don’t like the feeling.


Thursday we plan to make one last Costco run before we leave so we can stock up on meat. And even though the diet has been staying on course we do have an urge to go back out to Plant City for one last Strawberry Shortcake before leaving the area LOL! Plus we want to but some fresh strawberries and start making our own frozen fruit bars.

Well wish us luck!

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3 Responses to Little by little

  1. So close you can see the finish line! I hope the tech is right about the awning motor, but I can’t believe a motor on a new awning is bad. Hopefully, you’ll be cruising down the road again shortly.

  2. Lar says:

    Finally…You can see some light at the end of the tunnel. LUCK! LUCK! LUCK!, you may not need it now, thank God you still had “The old Dave” along with you to get through this mess, not sure how many other folks could have hung in there to this point. Remember, it’s downhill to Oregon, the earth is flat, I just read that somewhere, “Happy Trails”, as our old buddy Ernie would say.

  3. Dave & Diane says:

    Thanks for the LUCK Lar!!! And I hope you are rigt about it being down hill from here to Oregon, maybe we will bet better fuel mileage while breaking in the new engine LOL!! One can only hope.

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