A wait for someone to show that never does day

Not much to update for yesterday. It was one of those, wait around for someone to come that never does, days.

A asked our service advisor about 3 times if someone was going to come by and at least look at the awning in case a part needs to be ordered and every day counts if that’s the case. But no one showed up.

I gave him his chance yesterday to get things done so last night I e-mailed the big boss asking for his help in getting some attention today (Wednesday). I will check with our service advisor again this morning and wait until 9 or 10 then give the big boss a call.

I hope we don’t seem pushy to all of you but I will be honest, STICK A FORK IN ME!!! I AM DONE WITH HIS CRAP!!! LOL. We want to leave Sunday and I think we will drive as far as we can as fast as we can to get the heck out of this area.

The bright side is I have everything in the basement moved from the old coach to the new. And we have moved a few things from the living area over as well.

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3 Responses to A wait for someone to show that never does day

  1. Talk about “Groundhog Day”….sheeesh!

  2. Ingrid says:

    I find myself cringing whenever someone comments “You’re living the dream”. Best of luck to you and hope all goes well. 🙂

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