We keep getting closer. We can almost taste freedom!

It’s been warm here the last few days with temp getting into the upper 80’s. But a front is getting ready to come through today bringing some rain and a cool front behind it dropping the temps into the upper 70’s for a few days. To be honest that sound pretty good to me, well except the rain.

If you remember in our last update on Saturday we had both coaches side by side.  We spent the day Sunday using the washer dryer, dishwasher, taking showers, using the cooktop, running slides in and out, checking the roof and on and on and on in the new coach. And we came up with another very short punch list.

Side by side in the switch out area. I guess it does create a nice private place to retreat.

Side by side in the switch out area. I guess it does create a nice private place to retreat.

Monday morning we headed over to the main office building to finish up our paperwork which was pretty painless and got our insurance and extended warranty switched over. To my surprise it was all pretty painless and took just over an hour.

As soon as we returned home I grabbed our new punch list and went in search of our service advisor. As luck would have it he was at the door of the Crown Club like he was waiting for me LOL!! Of course he wasn’t.

I told our service advisor about our punch list and he said, how about we meet at your coach in 30 minutes and we will do a walk around and through together. Perfect! When he arrived we walked and I showed him the things we found as he wrote them down. He then went to his office and entered it all into his computer so work orders could be distributed.

Nothing happened during the morning but when afternoon came around we had 2 tech’s show up to work on different projects. And they made a huge dent in the list. At the end of the day all we had left was a night shade that isn’t working properly and to switch our mattresses and our Lazy Boy recliner and go to the detail shop for a buff on the outside.

One of the things on our list was the engine access panel in the rear bathroom. One of the corners was lower than the main floor and created a sharp lip that wasn’t very comfortable on the feet. So we pulled it up to shim it a bit and put in a new seal before putting it back in place.

We should put a clear cover over this instead of the tiled panel LOL!!

We should put a clear cover over this instead of the tiled panel LOL!!

While it was open I was getting the Tim Allen feeling and thought about putting a see through panel in instead

By the end of the day we were feeling pretty good about things so we started moving our personal belonging from our old coach to the new. I was able to move about 50% of the basement over and Diane moved some of our cloths. But it was 86 degrees outside and knowing the new coach won’t be finished for at least a couple more days and we had some cooler weather on the way by Wednesday we decided to leave the rest for another day and just kicked back the remainder of the day.

Tuesday Morning rolled around and when I got out of bed at 6am I checked the radar and noticed the rain was about to hit so I fed Jack and we went for a little earlier than normal walk, for him anyway.

It wasn’t long after our walk that the rain started so I went to the new coach to put the patio awning out a little. After running it out I decided to run it back in a bit but nothing happened, dang!! So I found our service advisor and said we have one more thing to add to our list LOL!!.

Having an automatic awning not retract is always something in the back of an RVer’s mind I think. So know I will watch what the tech does and ask a few questions for when it happens again.

And of course the good side of a good rain while still at the dealership is you can check for leaks. LEAK!!!Well of course I found a window next to the passenger seat that does just that LOL!! Time to go find the service advisor and add one more thing Geeeez.

So today really should be an un-eventful day. Maybe the chair and mattress will get switched out and hopefully the awning will be a quick fix and maybe someone will check out the window. And I’m told the coach should get buffed on Wednesday. It’s still looks like we will meet our April 15th departure date. If not a couple days earlier.

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4 Responses to We keep getting closer. We can almost taste freedom!

  1. We’re pulling for you to escape on the 15th!!!

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