Things are looking up!

Last night was a restless one for me, not much sleep at all. I just kept thinking about the turmoil we have been going through the last few days. And what I had planned for morning.

Morning came about 5am for me and I was loaded for bear to start my rounds that I talked about in yesterday’s update. I couldn’t wait for 8 o’clock to roll around.

At 8am I was waiting in a chair outside the office of the guy I said I was going to ask to tag along when I visited the shop foreman but guess what, it was his day off. Crap.

Oh well, that was not going to stop me so I proceeded to the foreman’s office and expressed my concerns. He had already been called by his boss who I spoke with Friday night so our conversation actually went much better than I anticipated and the day was underway. There was a guy already on the roof of our coach working on the solar and a guy was inside grouting the tile he replaced yesterday. Things were looking up.

Around 11am I went down to check on the progress. The tile was done and I was told the solar was done as well. So I jumped in the coach to check things out and found there was no reading showing in the solar monitoring panel.

When I brought that to the techs attention he said that he was told it would not show a reading until it was out in the sunlight. I then informed him that it should show a reading all of the time, in the sun or not. But just like the incident with the toilet I was just a dumb rv’er and was obviously wrong LOL!!

Unfortunately we couldn’t just roll the coach into the sun because the grout was still wet and the coach was on the jacks and we didn’t want to cause any flex that might mess up the tile work so we just had to wait and instead of watch the grass grow we watched the grout dry LOL!!

The good thing was the solar controller had lights showing so I figured it just had to be the cable from the controller to the display panel inside that was causing the problem.

About 3pm I made my way back to the service bay and my timing was perfect. They were about to pull the coach out into the sun. And when they did what do you think happened, or didn’t happen? If you guessed the display still wasn’t working you would be right.

It turns out he wired the ends wrong on the cable from the controller to the display panel. After about an hour things were all fixed and working correctly!! Yeeeee Hawwwww!

So now we have the old new coach sitting side by side with the new coach in the switch out area just like we did almost 5 months ago. We will just tinker with it Sunday using everything like the washer/dryer, dishwasher, awnings and on and on and on.

At this point the only thing left to do on the new coach is buff a couple areas and switch the mattresses and to move my Lazy Boy to the new coach.

With a little luck that should all be completed by Tuesday. Then we will start switching our personal belongings over. It looks like we will be leaving on or just before the April 15th we have been predicting as long as we don’t run into any unexpected glitches.

It was another great weather day. The temperature reached 85 degrees and is supposed to be 87 on Sunday and then 85 on Monday. Then it is supposed to dip into the 70’s for a couple days and we will take advantage of that to cool down to switch our stuff over.


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6 Responses to Things are looking up!

  1. Nice to hear you can see the light at the end of this tunnel ;o))

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Thanks! I seem to have found a calm feeling again today after so many not so calm ones. It must mean something. Maybe it’s because I added coffee back into my diet today LOL!!

  2. Great to read your concluding comment – THINGS ARE LOOKING UP. It has been a long time coming. Not quite sure how you did it. Quick question about your Lazy Boy. How difficult is it to get a Lazy Boy into the coach? We are thinking of doing the same thing. Do you bolt it down or is the weight sufficient to pretty much keep it in place as you ride down the road?

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We had the same Lazy Boy in our 07 and the door was about 2 inches smaller than our new coach and your coach. It is about the smallest rocker recliner they make but fit’s me fine.
      We do not secure it down and it stays in place pretty well. It has slid into the walkway a couple times during travel on the twisty roads but it’s can’t go far LOL!!

      • That’s good to know, Dave. Do you know which model LB you have? We are seriously thinking of removing the couch and replacing it with 2 LB recliners. Truth be told, the couch really isn’t that comfortable, we can probably count the number of times we might use the pull-out on one hand and for that, we would rather be comfortable the other 360 days of the year.

  3. “Nice to hear you can see the light at the end of this tunnel ”

    I hope the light isn’t from a train. LOL
    Hang in there guys. We’re hoping an actual RELEASE from Lazy Days jail will come soon.

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