Slow as molasses in the winter

Things are as slow as molasses around here I tell you! And from what I can see it would certainly help if the shop foreman actually spent some time in the shop giving direction. My idea of leadership is jumping in and working alongside his or her employee’s now and again leading by example.

I fully expected the coach to be finished in the bay yesterday but once again I was expecting too much. All that needed finished is a cracked tile replaced, a breaker switched out for our macerator toilet and a solar system that was already over ¾’s completed finished,

At one point I saw the tile guy walking by and I asked if he planned to work on our coach today. His answer was, well I took pictures 3 days ago and am just waiting approval to do the job. I told him GIVE ME ONE MINUTE. At that time I made one call and within ½ hour he was in our coach working. He gave me a thumbs up and thanked me.

The breaker DID get switched out and the toilet now seems to be fine but the solar system is still not complete. If they would only give the poor guy working on it a little help for a couple hour’s it would be buttoned up I’m sure. And to top it off this is only the second solar system installation this guy has done.

Last night I made contact with my service advisor’s boss’s boss who is obviously way over the foreman and explained my concerns. He said he would be calling the foreman today to follow up.

So this morning I am going to make my way to the shop foreman’s office and voice my concerns myself and to see if he has received his phone call yet, if not I will call the big boss myself and put it on speaker so we can all be on the same page.

I will stop buy the foreman’s immediate supervisors office first to see if he wants to tag along out of respect. I will also ask the foreman to visit the shop with me to check on things. Maybe he does not spend time in the shop because he has forgotten just where it is. Well I can help him with that!!

Enough about that LOL!! The bright side of things,,, well the weather has been good. I think it reached 86 yesterday so it’s really starting to warm up around here. And Diane and I did make it to Costco and managed to leave without one single bit of junk food LOL!! And June and Jerry stopped by again for a couple days on their way back north. It was great visiting with them.

During our trip to Costco twice we were held up as a stoplight turned green because some moron was paying more attention to their phone than their driving. The second time it happened I gave my horn a short blast and the driver shot off like a bat out of hell only to drive about 3 blocks where we decided rear ending a big box delivery van was the thing to do!! He was getting out of his car as we drove by and he was still on his phone.

We need to get the heck out of Florida. We know being stuck here has not allowed us to give Florida a chance to impress us but I can honestly say I don’t think we will be spending winters here in the future. If we can’t get here, tour and then leave before all of the snowbirds saturate the state we just won’t come. Not our cup of tea.

There you gave it, our update as sorry as it may be LOL!! I apologize that all I seem to do is complain in our updates lately. But I’m sure that will change once we get on the road again.

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One Response to Slow as molasses in the winter

  1. Jimlookabugh says:

    As always thanks for the updates.
    Sorry things are going better

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