We are making progress!!

We will try a quick update.

In our last update about the motorhome we were in a detail bay. That turned out pretty good but there are a couple places that need a little buffing and we should be good. There should be no reason to go to the paint booth with this coach. Much better than the last one.

After detail it was moved to a switch out slot and we were asked if we want to bring our trade over as well. We replied with a NO. And said we will just do a walk through and check for things that needed addressed and they could take it right back down to a service bay and fix things before we moved over from the campground. They agreed.

Diane and I went through the coach pretty well. We found a few little things like we fully expected but the biggest things were the hydraulic leak I spoke about, a cracked tile in the bedroom, a couple not so great cabinet doors, the macerator toilet in the back bathroom was tripping the breaker and the mid-ship toilet was shooting water up like a bidet (now that could have been a surprise LOL!!).

The following morning I turned in our punch list to the service manager and within 15 minutes a driver was there to take it to a service bay!! GREAT!!

After some time had passed I went down to check on it and the rear toilet was completely gone out of the coach, the mid ship toilet was disconnected and pulled away from the wall and a guy was already working on the cabinet doors. PROGRESS!!

20140331_171130 20140401_074632

The tech was putting a new motor in the rear bath toilet. He found it was pulling to many amps at startup.


If you remember a while back we made mention that we asked Tiffin to not install the Dometic toilet they normally install in a Phaeton and instead install the Tecma they normally install in the bus. Well that had me wondering if they messed something up because some different was happening on the production line so I downloaded a manual from the internet and did some reading and looked at a Tiffin bus to compare.

What I found is that in the bus the toilet is ran to a 15amp fuse and in our Phaeton it’s ran to a 10amp. Well in my mind that should be the first change. I communicated that to the tech but I get the idea he doesn’t think a stupid old RV guy would have any idea about stuff like this so I left the manual on the countertop and let him be LOL!!

A little later he told me it was fixed and that Tiffin had messed up some wiring. So of course I went to check it out and guess what, IT TRIPPED THE BREAKER!! I then reminded him of the 15amp breaker thing and went on my way again. We will see how this turns out LOL!!

Wednesday they wanted to take our trade and put it in a bay right next to the new one so they could start doing the swap of our solar system and other goodies. So at 9:30 a driver came over and took away our home. That left Diane, Jack and be sitting in lawn chairs chillin for the day until 5PM when they stopped working.

They were able to get the solar off the trade and switch over our Progressive EMS system and was starting on the batteries. But we ended up sleeping in a service bay last night which is fine.

We hope today they can get the batteries switched over and the Air Force 1 brake system and we should be able to move our trade back out to a camp spot while they finish working on the new coach. With lick they should have everything installed on the new coach by the end of Friday I would think and we can start spend the nect 4 or 5 days making sure we don’t have any more issues and switching over all of our belongings once again.

If everything turns out as I described above we could actually leave around the 10th but plan to depart no later than the 13th. The 13th is a Sunday and a much better travel day around here we think. I have been saying all along April 15th so we are right on track.

Today we will be chillin in our lawn chairs again but tonight we will be attending a birthday party so we have something to look forward to.

By the way,, the diet is going well but I am looking forward to adding my morning coffee back starting next Sunday.

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2 Responses to We are making progress!!

  1. Bill and Nancy says:

    Sounds like things are moving right along!!! We’re hoping it continues and you get released ASAP!!!

  2. debbiemc14 says:

    Sounds great! I agree, the “bidet” would’ve been a real surprise!

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