The Hulk had to come out

As I mentioned in our last update we spent the night in a service bay which was ok. We woke early so we would be ready to vacate when the workers showed up but as it turned out half the crew had a product knowledge meeting on Aqua-hot systems so we could have taken our time.

When they did finally show up to work it seemed they were missing on a few cylinders due to the fact that most of them had to work all last week and the weekend to play catchup. So it didn’t start out to be a very productive day.

Plus the tech they had on our coach was pulled off to work on an urgent coach,,,, WHAT!!!! And the young tech they tossed on our rig after pulling the main tech off was opened up a heat vent so he could drill through the roof so solar panel cables could be pulled but didn’t bother to throw covers over the couch. And he cut a hole in an overhead cabinet to mount a meter but again neglected to cover the captain’s seat so both where covered with wood chips and insulation. Geeeez.

The not covering the furniture actually pissed Diane off and she was about to head up to chew some butt however I told her I would handle it so I could blow off some steam.

By that time I felt the old Dave coming out very much like the Incredible Hulk would transform. I was starting to boil and figured what the heck, once I start to boil I may as well run with it LOL!!

So I headed out to find our service advisor. When I found him I voiced my frustration and was told that the techs are spread thin and try to take thing in order. My response was (We have been here for over 4 months, how the HE*# could anyone be ahead of us!!) which sent him on his way to see what he could do.

I gave it about 30 minutes and didn’t see any action so I headed to his boss to have a chat and also called his boss’s boss and had a chat. Let’s just say things changed and the brake system and batteries where switched out in about 3 hours. Just the way they should have been when the day started.

Once all that happened our trade in coach was taken to the switch out area where we will stay until the solar panels are installed and the tile and rear toilet is repaired in the new coach. At that point it will be brought to us and we will begin moving our stuff from one coach to the other as well as use everything in the new coach numerous times to make sure everything is working.

What a frustrating day. It drains me to get so mad like I was today, I hate it but if that’s what it takes so be it.

Then we headed over to the Cracker Barrel to have a birthday dinner with friends. I didn’t really cheat on my diet much because I had fish and a vegetable salad. But I did have backed apples that I probably should not have had. We had a great time over dinner.

During the meal I received a call from my service advisor’s boss’s boss to ask if we were happy with the afternoon results. Which I answered yes and thanked him for. He said he would be staying on top of things and keep in touch with me so maybe I won’t have to transform into the big bag ugly Dave again LOL!!

I would say it really should be completed tomorrow but I would be happy enough if we got it on Saturday.

We will be going to Costco in the morning but you can bet your bippie I will be down checking on it when we get back.

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6 Responses to The Hulk had to come out

  1. Jimlookabugh says:

    Week it to bad that things stalled yet again. I know everyone was hoping for a smooth transition and nobody wants to the the angry Dave.
    But it sounds like you played the hand delt to you and received the necessary results.
    And I must agree there should be nobody ahead of you guys at this point
    Hop tomorrow is better

  2. Stay on ’em Dave…we’re pullin’ for ya!

  3. Sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do!!!

  4. It sounds as though they don’t do what needs to be done until someone turns into the “Hulk”. I say use your Hulk powers, get this behind you, and get the heck out of there.

  5. colibabas says:

    It’s a good thing thing you decided to keep the old Dave around. You guys have been more then patient. We went wheat free over a year ago and don’t eat out often, but when we do I will bend the rules 🙂

  6. debbiemc14 says:

    Sounds crazy, but good for you for staying on top of it! It’s the only way sometimes.

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