Update onMillenicom’s data plan


We wanted to do at least a fast update to inform those that might have become interested in the Millenicom data plan we spoke about a little while back that we planned to switch to.

Well it seems they are about to raise their prices! Here is a copy of the email they sent out to customers at the first of the month.


Due to increased data costs from the upstream carrier all Millenicom

broadband accounts (Hotspot, Advanced and Standard Plans) will allow for

20GB of data transfer for $89.99 monthly beginning May 1, 2014.

In the event you require higher usage, Millenicom can add data in 20GB

increments for $89.99. This means you no longer need to purchase an

additional device, activation and shipping, to acquire more than 20GB of data.

Please note you can track usage online by checking the usage field at the

bottom of your plan link from the products tab in the Members Center.



That’s a $20 a month increase, or a 30% increase in one wallop! Even though none of us like to hear about price increase I think it is still the best deal out there if you need 20GB.

It certainly will take a little longer to even out on the original investment for new customers. I’m sure we will still make the jump but we may not be pulling the trigger until we get to Oregon in June. We will give everything to settle and make sure nothing else changes or no new customer deals pop up because of the increase.

Our coach is still in a service bay having a few things taken care of. There were a few surprises but nothing that can’t be handled. And we will be taking our current coach to the bays in the morning to have everything taken off of it that need to be re-installed on the new coach.

So we will have two home tomorrow but be homeless,,, hoe does that work!!! LOL!!

We will be more in-depth on out next update.

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3 Responses to Update onMillenicom’s data plan

  1. Now Dave, did you just read about the price increase on the TRVN?

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