Sorry we fell beind

OK, I guess we are behind a bit on the blog, sorry about that but it’s been a bit hectic. We will try to get things back to normal. Well as normal as we can until we actually get out of Lazy Days.

If you remember some time back we made mention that Lazy Days makes it WAY too easy to eat eat eat. Well I finally reached my limit and just couldn’t deal with the direction I was headed, and fast.

I wasn’t comfortable in my cloths, I was feeling lazy and sluggish, I wasn’t feeling as sharp mentally, I wasn’t liking the way I was looking and on and on and on so I said it’s time for a change. And Diane was feeling the same way.

We don’t travel with a scale so we really do not know what our weights are but I do know that I was 230lbs at the heaviest I ever was before hitting the road and I know I am at least that and probably a bit more. Maybe 240! Crap!!

This does not look like what we normally bring home from the store. Where are my chips and sweets!!!

This does not look like what we normally bring home from the store. Where are my chips and sweets!!!

So one week ago today we decided to do a 2 weeks ago we cut out coffee, all sugar, flour, and wheat and dairy. We have a fruit smoothie for breakfast with unsweetened berries and almond milk. And fresh vegies for lunch like snap peas, cauliflower, broccoli, sliced bell peppers, pickles, celery, radishes, strawberries etc. And for dinner we have chicken or fish with veggies. And everything in small portions. For snacks we either have vegies or nuts. Our evening treat is one cup of plain yogurt with unsweetened berries. And all we drink is water.

Lunch just isn't the same these days.

Lunch just isn’t the same these days.

Both of us had headaches the first 2 days. I think it was not having coffee and for me no sugar as well. But on the 3rd day, no headaches!!

It’s only been one week but I know I am already feeling better. I think I have lost a few pounds and for sure I do not feel as bloated and my brain fog has seemed to lift some. So it’s a win so far.

We plan to keep doing the same thing for one more week then we will add coffee to our mornings and apples and cheese for our lunches.

My ultimate feel good weight is 200 lbs. so I guess that is my goal but I’m telling you know, when we hit the road again and get to Louisiana all bets are off!! I’m eating my way through Louisiana!! LOL!!

Diane really doesn’t need to lose any weight so I think she is just doing it so it’s easier on me.

As far as our coach goes it has gone through their PDI process (Pre Delivery Inspection) and the detail shop. And Diane and I have gone through it and put together a punch list of things that need to be touched up which we will turn in tomorrow (Monday). I’m sure they will get it into a bay and get everything taken care of.

The only thing that concerns me really is a hydraulic leak I found by the motors than run the slides. I hope it’s just a hose and not a cracked casing of some sort. I showed the guy at the check in booth last Thursday when it came in but I guess he didn’t document it because it wasn’t addressed in their inspection.

Our baby in the wash and detail bay

Our baby in the wash and detail bay

While it was in detail I walked around and pointed out a few spots that needed extra attention and they buffed them out right then. But after we got it out in the sun I have found a couple new areas than can be buffed out and the outside will be just fine.

Then they will switch over our solar, batteries, Progressive EMS system (Electrical Management System), braking system for our toad and mattress and with a little luck we should be good to go.

After everything is done we plan to stay at least 4 or 5 days to make sure everything is working correctly before hitting the road, Even though it will be tempting to get out of here as fast as we can LOL!!

Ok, there it all is in a nutshell.

The weather is good, temperatures are going to be mid to high 80’s for the next week. It’s a good thing we are about to leave. It’s going to get hot here soon.

I apologize again for pass-wording a few posts on the blog but if you have been following along you have already read them. But we are back to normal now, no more pass-wording LOL!!

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8 Responses to Sorry we fell beind

  1. Dave, don’t forget to eat your fats! New studies have found that you need some in your food even if dieting.
    Fat provides needed energy. It is difficult to eat the large amounts of food in a very low fat diet to get all the energy you need.
    Fat is needed to prevent essential fatty acid deficiency.
    Fat is needed so your body can absorb the fat soluble vitamins A, S, E, K, and prevent deficiencies of these vitamins.
    Fat provides flavor and texture to help prevent food from being bland and dry.
    Fat helps food to stay in the stomach longer, giving a greater sense of satisfaction and preventing hunger soon after meals.
    Fat may help your body produce endorphins (natural substances in the brain that produce pleasurable feelings).
    Diets too low in fat (less than 20 – 25%) may trigger cravings.

  2. Glad to read that things are going well so far with the new coach. Hope they continue that way. Good luck with the coach and good luck with the diet.

  3. Guys the only thing I like about your entire “adventure” is the weather. We arrived in VA on Friday and it either rained, snowed, or we had a combination of the two. I’m ready for AZ again already. Get out of there! LOL

  4. Ingrid says:

    It really is true; we are what we eat. Al and I like our treats but notice a big difference when we over indulge. I’m sure Lazy Daze doesn’t feed their cliental top quality food. Hope you’re back on the road soon.

  5. Happy to see you guys about readay to hit the road again. Have fun!

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