Password Protected

I apologize to all of our regular readers but I have found it necessary to password all of our post’s that has anything to do with most of our dealings at Lazy Days.

I will be more clear. I have only pass-worded posts that we have made in the past that concerned our dealings with Lazy Days. Our future posts will NOT be pass-worded.

Sorry for any confusion.

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17 Responses to Password Protected

  1. Curious, will all new posts be password protected? Have enjoyed keeping up with your trials and tribulations

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Sorry I wasn’t clear but no,, future posts will not be pass-worded. I only pass-worded updates that had to do with our transaction’s with Lazy Days. It is because of the gag order I spoke of in our post earlier.
      There were a few on a forum that tried to make more of it than I wanted so I just made certain post’s unavailable. Sorry

      • jjubilee32 says:

        Thanks, I thought/think you have done a fine job of discussing the problem without crossing the line. Some on the TRVN go overboard on these topics wanting blood, it seems.

        My wife did ask me what was wrong when I exclaimed, “oh, NO!” When I read about your floor “pop”. Hopefully, that,will be handled relatively painlessly. We enjoy your blog.

      • Dave & Diane says:

        I’m happy to hear you enjoy the blog. And I will give you a hint,,, it seems the floor issue has already been resolved !! Yipeee!! LOL!!
        I will probably wait until the end of day to give an update. It has gone through PDI and detail at this point and everything looks pretty good but we need to do a good walk around and through. I did see a puddle of hydrolic fluid in the bay by the slide hydrolics so I will point that out.

  2. Hope it all works out in the end for you two, but I’m very happy to say that we never had to deal with Lazy Days as our dealer. It amazes me that they go to all of this “legal crap” over this incident. It looks like it would be better for them to let you express how happy you were ultimately that a bad situation was resolved in a favorable manner to you (purchaser).

    • Dave & Diane says:

      I told them the same thing but it seems when Lazy Days changed hands a while back it just went to a bunch of suit and tie business people that probably don’t even own a RV so the feel has changed, so we are told by many.
      Oh well,, I bet we deal with many companies like that every day of our lives and until a situation like this comes up we never know it.
      But it will work out. Our coach has gone through their PDI and detail. Now we have to go through it. I did find hydrolic fluid puddled in the bay with all of the slide mechanical stuff so we will check into that.

  3. We’ll be watching for your first post as you roll down the highway!! Hope that happens swiftly and without many problems. Just do what you two need to do.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Copy that!! We will be doing updates as OUR COACH goes through it’s process here. SO far it has gone through Their PDI and detail. And the floor issues seems to be resolved already!!

  4. Lar says:

    Hang in there Dave, this will all be over very soon. Lots of open road waiting for you guys.

  5. Patrick Lynch says:

    long time lurker here. I will be looking for quotes on a new Tiffin in about 10 to 12 months and because of the way Lazy Days did finally step up to the plate and take care of you they are on a short list of dealers I will be seeking a quote from. I will not be making my decision solely based on price but Location (we travel to Florida at least once a year) and reputation for service.
    it will be great to start finally reading about your adventures on the road again. Best of luck with the new coach.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Thanks Pat, things are looking up. I would agree that Lazy Days should be a place to get a quote from but I certainly wouldn’t take their first quote to heart. With a little work I have proven they can be as competitive as anyone. As far as service I think they get overwhelmed at times.
      I will be doing updates again very very soon. In fact I’m a little behind with everything going on.

  6. cozybegone says:

    A few fellow bloggers, Ingrid and Sherry directed me to you rig saga….we have our own going on right now with Keystone and our less than one year travel trailet we full time in. Can I get the password….looking for ideas for the fight. Thanks, Carla

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hello Carla, I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with your rig. It certainly can be frustrating. As far as getting a password for the areas I have blocked I’m afraid after signing a gag order with Tiffin and Lazy Days I pretty much butchered most of the posts before I realized I could just password them. So getting in probably would be more confusing than helpful. And as I mentioned, we signed a gag order which we feel obligated to live with.
      I will tell you that we had a vey very long list of issues with our rig, many that could not be repaired by the dealer so going directly back to Tiffin with a brand new unit was going to be the answer. I will also tell you that some of the issues were safety issues which we were just not going to tolerate.
      Advise,, be persistent and courteous, (we never brought up the word lawyer) work your way up the ladder until you get the answers you want and don’t take no for an answer. If a person tells you (we have never done that) thank them for there time and ask who is next up the ladder. We went to the CEO before we got the results we needed.
      We wish you luck.

      • cozybegone says:

        Appreciate your advise and understanding the gag order. We put the ball back in their court and as of late yesterday Keystone is stepping up. Learning to jump through the loops. Feel our dealer is really pulling for us…but always wondering in the back of our mind. Glad things worked out for you…from what I gathered it was not pretty. We’ll continue to stick to our guns. I just began a complete detailed journal day by day, as its easy to forget the longer this goes on. Again, thanks for your response. Carla

      • cozybegone says:

        I wrote back this a.m. and don’t think it went through. Maybe I just don’t copies of replies.

        Thanks for your advise and appreciate your candor. Take it all the way to the top….we are trying to be persistent. While our issue is not anywhere near what all you went through, it has been a challenge. We are three weeks in to this and looking a a few more.

        Finally the manufacturer is onboard, somewhat. Dealer making promises and feel they are honest. Do you ever really know for sure?

        Parts ordered…rather had another unit. I did spend a few hours journaling this whole ordeal….it’s sure easy to forget.

        Again, thanks for your response. Glad you are in a good spot now, a new unit and living life again. Carla

  7. Dave & Diane says:

    You are certainly welcome Carla. I hope thing s continue moving in the right direction with your rig.

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