A little addition to our last update about a data plan

We have received a few comments and a few emails concerning our last update about our decision to move our data plan away from Verizon to Mellenicom so we thought we would share a few good reads that helped us make the choice we did.

First, Paul and Nina have been full-timing since 2010 and do a great job of sharing information on many topics. We follow their blog regularly. Here is a link to the write up they did on the topic.



Another great source of information is the blog that Jack and Danielle Mayers keep. They have been full-timing since 2000 and I will admit that a lot of the information Jack has on his blog is way over my head but he does a good job of laying everything out. And here is a link to their blog.



Cherrie & Chris also have a blog called Technomadia and let me say upfront that you better clear your mind and have no distractions when you go there because the in-depth information they provide will blow your mind!! LOL!! But what a great source. Here is a link to a write up they did on Milenicom.


I have also spent a fare amount of time reading topics on the Escapee’s forum (http://www.rvnetwork.com/) and the RV-Dreams forum

(http://www.rv-dreams.com/forum.html) and the Tiffin forum (http://tiffinrvnetwork.com/). All have good information and testaments from people that already use Millenicom.

We will still do an update when we make the change but if you are really looking into internet on the road the above reads will give you way more information that I will even TRY to give LOL!!

On a side note, we received a call this morning (3-26-14) that our replacement coach is actually on the road headed to Lazy Days. We should have eyes on it Thursday!!

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3 Responses to A little addition to our last update about a data plan

  1. Thank you for the additional links and GREAT news about the coach!

  2. Dave, thanks for the great research. Hurry up with your new rig and catch up with us! Your tip on Williston Crossing paid off…this is one of the nicest campgrounds we’ve been at. Lots of space, amenities, friendly folks and stores nearby…thanks buddy!

  3. Dave & Diane says:

    You are welcome!! And I’m glad to hear you like Williston Crossing. That will probably be our first stop for sure now when we get out of here. The new coach showed up and is in a bay now.
    If you go slow enough we just might catch up to you, but you better go REAL slow LOL!!

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