Broken record

I’m sure we are starting to sound like a broken record but WE ARE STILL IN SEFFNER FLORIDA.

The good thing is that the replacement motorhome goes on the production line next week on the 27th and will be here a month later. DANG that sounds like a long time still after being stuck here for so long already.

Since our last update we have filled our days with a few outings like going back to the RC Air Field.

IMG_2923 IMG_2903

It was a lot more active than the first time we visited.

IMG_2952 IMG_2909

Diane spent more time reading and Jack just kicked back while I checked out the activities.

Diane and Jack chillin

Diane and Jack chillin

And of course many many more bike rides and walks. And I think we are about to overdose on the Winter Olympics.

Every time we head out for a drive I just long to be back in the middle of  small town America and the less populated areas. There were 29 traffic related deaths in just a 9 day period a couple weeks ago in this area.

Even though I have almost bragged about how I have mellowed compared to the old me I’m afraid I will NEVER mellow enough to be patient with traffic like this LOL!!

The bright side is the weather has been pretty good. Upper 70’s and mid 80’s just isn’t bad compared to most of the United States right now.

Here is a funny thing. While sitting having breakfast in the motorhome (YES we skipped a free breakfast at the Crown Club) Diane was gazing out the window and said “That lady just let her dog piss on our morning paper!!”

Yep, a woman was walking her 2 little ankle biters and let one lift its leg on the morning paper that is delivered to each site. Amazing.

Diane jumped up and went outside to rescue our paper and made the woman aware of what happed but it didn’t seem to faze her. I guess that explains why her dogs are the way they are. A stupid is as stupid does type thing.

It’s interesting what you see people let their pets do while out on walks. Oh well, I’m sure people look at us and say, what the heck, now and again as well. But we would NEVER let Jack pee on a newspaper or a bag of garbage in front of a RV space knowing that a worker is going to be coming by to pick it up. That should be common sense and pure respect for others.

I have been conjuring up ideas of adding shelving space in the basement of the new RV and I think I have it figured out. The downside is all I can do is buy the material and plan at this point. So we did make a trip out to Lowes and bought a few things that I will have all ready for when the new rig shows up so I will be ready to jump on the install. Of course we will do an update showing the project.

And while in Zephyrhills visiting Lowes we stopped in at Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. They have some pretty good fish tacos!

Well OK,, I bet that about all the excitement you can handle for now so I’ll call this update complete.

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5 Responses to Broken record

  1. Bill and Nancy says:

    Well… at least you have a production date!! So you can now sort of count in weeks instead of months;o)) We are out on the Pan Handle and the temps are still in the 60’s;o(( But there are less people:o))

  2. Helen says:

    Thank you so very very much for detailing what you have gone through in the spirit of sharing. We are in the process of deciding which RIG to move to for our snow birding initially and then to full timing adventure we hope to start very soon. I can’t begin to imagine Dave how you kept so cool when you were given a very substandard “new” RV and their attitude was to take it back into inventory (probably sell it to some other unsuspecting person) and you could pay them an additional $54,000 to get what you ordered in the first place. It really shocked us reading this, as Bob Tiffin has a wonderful reputation from everything else prior we’ve read on ensuring wonderful customer service so I re read your notes several times to make sure I was reading correctly. I agree with you a 100% whats the difference with purchasing this retail RV than any other retail product that is deficient in it’s quality of build or being able to perform for it’s purpose.

    Keep up the great updates. You and Diane truly have the patience of saints to be waiting so long for your RIG.

    Stay safe on the road,


    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hello Helen
      It just might be true that we have the patience of saints but Diane reminds me that SHE has even more patience than me because she has to put up with ME LOL!!
      I do want to make clear that Lazy Days were the ones at first that wanted to charge us the $54,000 dollars, not Tiffin. And it was also Lazy Days who decided to make the switch at no cost after I ran the problem up the flagpole to the CEO of Lazy Days.
      Even though I know Bob Tiffin was aware of our problem we had no actual contact with him to my surprise.
      What Lazy Days and Tiffin worked out between each other IF ANYTHING is between them. But Lazy Days has made comments that lead me to believe that Tiffin has offered no help. However I could be completely wrong in that assumption.
      Bob Tiffin does have a very god reputation in the industry and obviously we still think highly of Tiffin or we would have switched to another brand when we had the chance.
      Glad you enjoyed the write up!! And good luck in your pursuit of a rig for yourselves.

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