A trip to the RC Airfield

The weather has sure been off and on since our last update. At times it felt like we were back in Oregon with all the rain. Well maybe not that bad but we still sniveled about it.

Not much has changed in our situation so nothing to report there. Still looking at the end of March for the delivery of the new rig. Still doing 3 or 4 walks each day of about 2 miles each and still eating way to much LOL!!

Yesterday 2/1/13 we took a drive just a few short miles to TRAC Tampa Radio-Control Aircraft Club to see what was going on. Here is a link to the club if you’re interested. http://www.tractampa.com/


When we first arrived there were only about 3 planes flying but one of the guys flying had been doing it for 40 years and another for roughly 25 years so they put on a pretty good show.

IMG_8865 IMG_2882 IMG_2850 IMG_2846 IMG_2828 IMG_2821

It’s hard to show in still photos but some of the stunts they were pulling off was pretty darn impressive.

IMG_2856 IMG_2855 IMG_2850 IMG_2846 IMG_2828 IMG_2821 IMG_2799 IMG_2785

We spent about 3 hours just watching and talking with the pilots before leaving. By the time we left there must have been 6 or 7 planes and 3 helicopters. I could have sat around longer but I knew it wasn’t overly thrilling for Diane.

IMG_2878 IMG_2865

She did enjoy watching but also took advantage of the time to make a couple calls and read her book.


Now that I know where it is I imagine I will make a few more trips out to see what’s going on and probably take my helicopter out as well. What I have compared to what was out there flying around is really just a toy but we all start somewhere.

Of course we made it back home in time for our free meal at the Crown Club LOL!!  And after dinner we made plans with another couple to run over to Parkesdale to check out the strawberry stand we keep hearing about. More to come on that. But here is a link http://www.parkesdale.com/

The Super Bowl does not start until 6:30 over here on the East Coast so we have the entire day to kill before it starts. And I think June and Jerry will be leaving today as well so we have to catch up with them.

Well,,,, until next time!!

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