A mellow Christmas

First off we hope everyone had a great Christmas!!! I know we did. We sort of look at the new RV as being our Christmas gift this year LOL!

I mentioned in our last update that Diane was talking about going to a movie on Christmas. Well she decided we would go see Saving Mr. Banks, a Tom Hanks movie.

So after our morning routine and milling around a bit we headed out to a movie theater on Bruce B Downs road that had 20 individual theaters in it!! Now that may not sound big to some of you but neither of us had ever been in a movie house that big and found it interesting.

Not being a movie guy and having a hard time sitting still that long unless there is some REAL ACTION the movie wasn’t really down my alley except that it was based on a true story. So that earned it some points with me but Diane enjoyed it so all in all in was ok.

Diane checking out the goodies at the theater.

Diane checking out the goodies at the theater.

When I heard what the movie was about I figured we would have the movie to ourselves but to my surprise ever seat in the house was full so obviously we didn’t have a very original idea of going to the movies on Christmas LOL!!

After the movie we went home and enjoyed the quiet of the day. And enjoyed the slight cool down that has been keeping the temps in the 70’s instead of the 80’s and that is perfect for me.

We had a good time meeting and Cindy and Andy who are a couple of fulltime RVers and members of the RV-Dreamers group that we belong to. Cindy is in the medical field and is licensed in several states so she can enjoy the benefits of traveling yet still work along the way. And Andy is retired from the construction field.

They stopped in here at Lazy Days for some service work so we enjoyed some good conversation over a few meals and then poof,,,, they were gone. Well that’s the RV life style for ya.

We also were able to meet Beth and Jim. They live here in Florida and I have communicated with Jim on the Tiffin forum web site in the past and it just so happened they were here trading there 2008 Phaeton in on a 2014.

Jim and Beth with there new rig!!

Jim and Beth with there new rig!!

They are not fulltime RVers and only live an hour or so away from Lazy Days so they have the luxury of returning home while leaving the new rig here to have things done and then returning.

Diane found a new friend!! That's Junior,, Jim and Beth's dog.

Diane found a new friend!! That’s Junior,, Jim and Beth’s dog.

They headed home yesterday but I’m sure they will be back before we leave and will visit some more before one of us hit the road.

Friday we ventured out to a mall called The Shops where we figured we might run into some hot after Christmas deals. But like most times we both left without buying a single thing LOL!!

Diane is in the mood to decorate our new home so we also made a stop at Pier One Imports and a place called Home Goods. But again we left empty handed. Well I take that back, I bought a new toothbrush holder LOL! We are just poor shoppers I guess.

After getting our fill of shopping we stopped at Red Tuesdays for a late lunch. While sitting there Diane seemed a little off and blamed it on not finding anything to decorate our new home with. But after a little more prodding it came out that she is a little home sick.

Diane has always been very close with her family and friends and we have been on the road for almost 15 months without any physical contact with any of them. Mix that with the holidays and POW, you have a perfect mixture for homesick.

So,,, I’m thinking we will head over to Zephyrhills today and do some more shopping and try to find some goodies for the motorhome in hope of making Diane feel a little better.

I think we are going to need to find a Cabela’s or a Bass Pro because we want to decorate in homey cabin décor.

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5 Responses to A mellow Christmas

  1. Jimlookabugh says:

    Thanks for the update. We always enjoy hearing and learning for your guys adventures, probably more than you know.
    Well I hope you two can adjust to the temperatures. I know that I can’t wait to make the adjustment
    Have a great week end

  2. Lar says:

    Sorry to hear about the bout of “Home sickness” perfectly understandable after 15 months. Please tell me you are not going to get one of those talking fish wall mounts for the new home? “Homey cabin décor”, maybe some firewood piled next to the fireplace? Still at Lazy Days, living free, is that an Obama deal for high-end RV’ers? Will miss you guys on the First. lar

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hey!! I had one of those talking fish back when they first came out LOL!! And YEP,, still livin off the land,,, Lazy Days land. It’s going to kill us to have to BUY food again. And I think Diane has forgotten how to cook by now.
      High end RVers,,, US!! You should see the parade of much higher end stuff that keeps going out of here. Heck we are the riff raff.
      Enjoy the New Years Day ride Lar!!! We hate to miss it. HEY, buy everyone a round on me and I’ll be happy to pay you back the second Tuesday of next week. LOL!!

  3. Loretta says:

    Christmas was fun here, there was alot going on. Glad you enjoyed the day. Bill and I would like to wish you and Diane a very happy and healthy New year.

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