Enjoying the warm weather in Florida

First off let us say MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!

Not a lot to really update but we at least wanted to take a minute to say hello and touch base.

Everything has been completed on the motorhome except for the noise in the floor and as you know we will be addressing that the second week of January when a couple top notch techs show up here from Red Bay Alabama.

For those interested during the effort to fix the floor squeak we had to be pretty careful when putting screws or bolts through the floor after taking a couple tiles out because we have heated floors and the heating matt is between 2 layers of plywood and cannot be seen by just removing the tile.


So we used a heat sensing gun to identify where the elements ran before doing any work. Even though the effort didn’t work it kept me occupied for a little while watching the process.

Saturday 12/21 was another bright sunny day with temps in the mid 80’s so we took the top off the Jeep and broke away for a drive out to Zephier Hills. Along the way we also stopped in at the Hillsborough State Park for a tour and to check out the campground. The campground is a little tight for our liking but we may go back just to hike a few of the many trails.

On our drive through Hillsborough State Park

On our drive through Hillsborough State Park

And I’m sure we will go back out to the town of Zephier Hills to check out the downtown shops now that we can leave Jack in the RV without fear a worker might want in for some reason. Jack simply will not make them feel welcome if we are not home LOL!!

Christmas Eve Lazy Days put on a pretty good feed for those of us still hanging around. They provided Prime Rib, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, vegies, salad’s, chicken Florentine and an open bar. And for dessert they had a choice of pumpkin and apple pie and cheesecake. It was all in a buffet style so we certainly did not leave hungry!!

One of the Christmas Tree's they have up in the Clubhouse in the Crown Club.

One of the Christmas Tree’s they have up in the Clubhouse in the Crown Club.

They have also done a nice job of decorating the clubhouse to give a Christmas sprite which is a nice touch.

The last few days it has been in the mid 80’s so it’s hard to really get the feeling of Christmas to run through the vein’s LOL!!! But today and for the next week it is supposed to be in the low to mid 70’s.

Diane is talking about wanting to go see a movie on Christmas day so if she figures that out we just might go but I’m leaving that to her. I’m not a big movie goer so I’m not going to fuel that fire but if she really wants to and organizes it I’m all for it.

We have pretty much decided to stay put until we get the floor fixed. Now that everything else is pretty much taken care of we can just chill without needing to have things packed up in order to move back and forth between service bays and the campground day after day. And we can wonder off and leave Jack home so we can tour freely.

We figure what the heck,, no need to burn the fuel to head farther south just to drive back up and then back down again when we can stay here with full hookups and enjoy the weather just as well. And our camp spot is none too shabby.

This is our camp spot while we are here at Lazy Days. As you can see it's pretty good sized and we have some shade as well as full hookups.

This is our camp spot while we are here at Lazy Days. As you can see it’s pretty good sized and we have some shade as well as full hookups.

This will also provide us a place to camp in the area during the huge Tampa RV show which we wanted to attend but was having a problem finding a campground to stay at. And after our floor is fixed we will most likely try to attend a boon docking rally a little farther south with the RV-Dream’s group if there is still room.

But for now we wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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6 Responses to Enjoying the warm weather in Florida

  1. Hi Diana and Dave, Merry Christmas and we can not believe you are still on the spot we visited you on. If it is not it sure does look like it. We fly south on Thursday night and kids follow on Saturday. After we leave Disney on Jan 3rd we will call and set up a date to get together. I had the coach rails and caps repainted and clear coated while we have been north. Had a neighbor pick it up and returned it to our spot at the base. I here the job looks good. Will take some new photos so I can show before and after photos. Enjoy the warm weather. Snowing lightly here. That means it is cold. Looking forward to Thursday night. Rob and Nancie

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Well not the exact same spot. We did move across the road to a spot under a tree for some shade LOL!! And we mixed it up a couple nights by sleeping outside the paint bays and in the service bays HAHA!! Looking forward to visiting again. I know the last time got a bit rushed when they wanted to take the rig. Have a Merry Christmas!! And Happy & Safe New Years

  2. And, a very Merry Christmas to the two of you and to all who follow your blog. We have enjoyed reading your blog. As newcomers with a coach on order your blog has taught us a lot. We look forward to more great posts in 2014. Thank you for letting us share your journey.

  3. cindi seidel says:

    Dave and Diane, sounds like things are moving along. Glad you are going to enjoy yourselves for a while. Hope you have a great Christmas and 2014. Enjoyed meeting you all at Lazydays hope to see you down the road someday!

    Cindi, Andy and Ben Seidel

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