Yes!!!! We are still at LAzy Days in Florida, can you believe it?

We sort of feel bad for not doing an update for a week or so but we are still at Lazy Days RV and didn’t want to start sounding like a broken record. But I guess the blog is about real life and us being at Lazy Days now for 32 days is as real as it gets right now LOL!!!

In our last update we mentioned we had a squeak in the floor to deal with and a few spots outside that we wanted re-painted.

Since that time Tiffin and Lazy Days had to go through the red tape to figure out just who was going to pay for the paint work between the two of them. Along the way they decided they would do a buff job on the entire coach to see just what might take care of itself. And a few issues were taken care of by buffing PLUS we benefited by the rest of the coach taking on a new level of shine. So even though that process took a number of days for them to communicate back and forth we didn’t mind too much.

And today 12/19 our rig made it into the body shop and they have started prepping for paint. At the end of the day our rig was pulled out of the paint bay and we are camping in a roadway outside the shop. Customers are allowed to stay in their RV’s in most of the bays here during the night except for paint bays and chassis shop bays. They have slated 23 hours to complete the work.

They have also spent a couple days removing tile in the bedroom and put forth an effort to get rid of the squeak we have in the floor. But had no luck which started a pretty healthy discussion about a new rig having that issue. At this point Tiffin said they will be flying a couple top ranked employees from the Tiffin plant here for a huge RV show mid Jan. and would have them come to Lazy Days and they would do the repairs required.

That means after we finish up in paint we can head out for a few weeks and then return mid-January for the repairs OR we could just chill here and enjoy the good weather and free camping and food until that time. I think we will be heading out and returning LOL!! But that’s not set in stone.

It hasn’t all been business while here. We have meet some great people and have wondered around the area some.

And we had a great time visiting with Cliff and Betty while they were here buying there new Entegra. And what a beautiful rig it is!! They are staying in a campground not far away for the next few months and I’m sure we will be visiting with them more before we leave.

Betty and Cliff

Betty and Cliff

OH, and did I mention that our old rig has already been sold and is probably already at its new home in Missouri! We hope it gives the new owners many years of happiness and it enjoys it’s new home.

Well there you have it. Not very exciting I’m sure but it’s all we have for now. And once again I say,, don’t feel too bad for us being help up here at Lazy Days. It’s going to be in the mid 80’s this weekend and we are certainly not starving!!

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3 Responses to Yes!!!! We are still at LAzy Days in Florida, can you believe it?

  1. Ingrid says:

    Great weather, but oh my gosh, to still be at Lazy Days? It’ll probably feel good to get away for a couple of weeks before returning. It’ll give you a chance to see if there are any other issues. Enjoy the weather and free food 🙂

  2. colibabas says:

    Thanks for the update Dave. Thought you guys might of been kidnapped in that new rig!
    Hopefully you’re back on the road soon.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Syl says:

    Yes you do meet some nice folks at Lazy Days. Makes you relaize what a small world it is in the RV community. Enjoy your break from LD. Hope we’re not still here when you return in January since we’re still waiting for a new toilet.

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